Sarah Jane Smith Complete from Big Finish

To mark what would have been Elisabeth Sladen’s 74th birthday and to supplement a commemorative sale, Big Finish has put together a special Sarah Jane Smith Complete set. It’s available at a special launch price until February 3rd 2020 so hurry!

Sarah Jane Smith completed

Sarah Jane Smith, a full-cast audio drama series, explored the life of the eponymous companion in the years after she was left on Earth by the Doctor (at the end of the Doctor Who story, The Hand of Fear).  

Taking place sometime after the television story K-9 & Company A Girl’s Best Friend, the stories feature Sarah Jane thwarting crimes and corruption in her ongoing career as an investigative journalist. (Note: K-9 does not appear in these stories, having broken down and been placed in a box in Sarah Jane’s attic.)  

The final adventure, Dreamland, was released only a few weeks before actress Elisabeth Sladen returned to Doctor Who as Sarah Jane in School Reunion. This ultimately led to a new TV spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures.  

The nine exciting stories available in this collection are:  

Comeback by Terrance Dicks 
The Tao Connection by Barry Letts 
Test of Nerve by David Bishop 
Ghost Town by Rupert Laight 
Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre by Peter Anghelides 
Buried Secrets by David Bishop 
Snow Blind by David Bishop 
Fatal Consequences by David Bishop 
Dreamland by David Bishop

This is also the first time the Terrance Dicks story Comeback has been available as a download.

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