Soph draws twitch

If you’re following the twitch stream of Doctor Who, you might like to also check out the work of Bristol based artist Soph. She has lots on twitter (see the link) and a blog through which you can buy her prints: S.ILES ART. +++ Message Ends +++

Tides of Time 41 now available

I haven’t mentioned Oxford Doctor Who Society for a while, so a here’s a plug for their society magazine Tides of Time. They’ve just (June 2018) released issue #41, and as you can see it’s bang up to date with the new branding, and Jodie Whittaker on the cover. It’s available free as a PDF (as…

Class comes to NetFlix

If you want to remind yourself of just what happened in Class ahead of it arriving on audio, UK viewers (and maybe world-wide) with NetFlix can now stream the whole series. Plenty of time reassess this seres before deciding to give the audios a go! !!! Message Ends !!!

New series trailer (not) coming June 18, 2018?

The first trailer for Jodie Whitaker’s debut series of Doctor Who, will (we are told) appear after the Tunisia v England World Cup 2018 match. This continues the tradition of BBC Sport promoting the show. This was revealed on twitter by @DoctorWho_Today . They haven’t confirmed their source, so treat this as rumour. For now! Update: and…

Back to Class for Big Finish

It’s not announced yet (officially on the BF site), but it’s been widely assumed Class is being made for audio by Big Finish. We’ve had multiple social media hints and now in an early reveal of the next DWM, we learn of two boxsets, set during the time of the TV series, so no solution to…