The Dearth of the Daleks

It’s widely reported there will be no Daleks in the next series of Doctor Who. Instead, Chris Chibnall is focussed on making this a new jumping on point for fans. I understand the desire and let’s be honest, Steven Moffat didn’t really use the Daleks that much (or even that well, depending on your perspective). It’s…

Making Daleks in Australia

If you happen to be a) in Australia and b) in the mood to make a Dalek, the Australian Dalek Builders’ Union is for you. The link goes to the FaceBook page, and there seems to be a thriving non-profit fan community. === Message Ends ===

A proper trailer for Series 11

So, we now have a decent length trailer for Jodie Whittaker’s first series of Doctor Who, and there’s no familiar aliens, a continuing sense of the mythic and emphasis on it’s all new. It grabs attention even if it seems to say little and a seeming absence of fannish easter eggs to pass the time. It looks to…

Other thoughts on that teaser trailer

I didn’t have much to say about the teaser trailer for the first Jodie Whittaker series, but the wider team at The Doctor Who Companion found plenty, including some very tongue-in-cheek. Why not take a look: WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE DOCTOR WHO SERIES 11 TEASER? — Message Ends —

Doctor Who: Devious

Here’s something you might find interesting, Doctor Who: Devious. It’s a fan project, started around 1991 and only recently made it’s way to YouTube: Devious, a Doctor Who fan film, Episode 1. It’s a fascinating project, and website is well worth a look. *** Message Ends ***