Celestial Toyroom 515

Celestial Toyroom 515 now out

If you’re a DWAS member, you may well have the latest Celestial Toyroom 515 by now. The focus is very much on some reflective (even philosophical) pieces. Of them all I most enjoyed Every Single Line, Actually by Jon Arnold. Your mileage may vary. +++ Message Ends +++

The Tony Jones Masterplan

I’ve decided I would like to be showrunner on Doctor Who. The main requirement seems to be having my own masterplan. We’ve had the Cartmel Masterplan to make the Doctor more mythic and the Chibnall Masterplan to reset Doctor Who further. What’s next? How do you walk back from the end of the Time Lords…

The Seventh Doctor: A new kind of hero?

The latest TARDIS Magazine includes an article of mine — The Seventh Doctor: A new kind of here? and I was pleased to find it right near the front, just after a fascinating Sylvester McCoy interview. Now I have my copy, I really do recommend it and not just for fans of the Seventh Doctor.…

tardis magazine issue 2

TARDIS issue 2 now available

Issue 2 of the recently revived TARDIS magazine is ready and available to order. I understand it might even be more impressively laid out than the first issue. This time it’s a Seventh Doctor special, and there are contributions from Jessica Martin and Stephen Wyatt, as well as (of course) Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford and…

Revolution of the Daleks review on Cultbox

I reviewed Revolution of the Daleks on Cultbox. I broadly enjoyed it even if it felt more like a big end of series wrap-up than a special seasonal tale. Loose ends tidied up (a bit), colour-by-numbers Dalek story and a reduction in numbers on board the TARDIS (immediately changed by John Bishop!) I may have…


Celestial Toyroom Annual 2021

The DWAS kicks off 2021 with the free Celestial Toyroom Annual 2021 and it’s all things Second Doctor with a great cover, piece from Anneke Wills and every Patrick Troughton story covered. You can grab it now from the link, and if you look around you can still get the previous few for free a…

Celestial Toyroom 512/3 on its way

You may just have received Celestial Toyroom 512/3 (but only if you’re a DWAS member) and it’s a great read. We’ve a seasonal message from Colin Baker then more information on Doctor Who annuals then you ever thought possible to know. Full details on the DWAS website here. +++ Message End +++