The Tony Jones Masterplan

The Second Doctor

I’ve decided I would like to be showrunner on Doctor Who. The main requirement seems to be having my own masterplan. We’ve had the Cartmel Masterplan to make the Doctor more mythic and the Chibnall Masterplan to reset Doctor Who further. What’s next? How do you walk back from the end of the Time Lords and its new origin for the Doctor? The answer is the Tony Jones Masterplan (TM). It’s the most outrageous reset short of Susan waking up having fallen asleep in the library at Coal Hill School and dreamed everything.

Series 6B with bells on

The series 6B theory explains some anomalies with The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors. What if it doesn’t go far enough? What if something more outrageous is going on?

I’ll walk through my big theory:

  • At the end of War Games the CIA have the Doctor and want to punish him
  • They do this by testing him to extremes in the Matrix
  • Somewhat like The Prisoner, everything is an illusion and specific time lords take turns to torture the Doctor or investigate his motives
  • Some of the interrogators become characters in a fictitious world in the Doctor’s head, and generally these become the Master, sometimes the Rani and even Romana
  • As the Doctor is imprisoned various regenerations are forced upon him (the Second Doctor was male) and slowly explore every aspect of his identity
  • It’s all psychoanalysis with the Doctor’s obsessions explored, aspects externalised as companions and villains
  • NOTHING IS REAL AFTER WAR GAMES — Sontarans, Gallifrey named, Time War, part-human, every Doctor from Pertwee to Whittaker, Weeping Angels, River Song, all those companions. EVERYTHING.

I’ll let you know when I get the job!

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