Pertwee gets his plaque

A nice write-up from the Radio Time about Jon Pertwee’s blue plaque ceremony held yesterday (23 October, 2016). Plenty of comedy greats in attendance as well as Colin Baker who presided over events, and Katy Manning among many others. The write-up is: Doctor Who’s Jon Pertwee is honoured with a blue plaque. … Message Ends …

Polarity Day details revealed

The DWAS have announced full details for Polarity Day – 23rd October 2016 when they will help celebrate Jon Pertwee’s time as the Third Doctor as part of their own 40th anniversary celebrations. The event will be held in London – full details on their website: Polarity Day. === Message Ends ===

Third Doctor Lynx Sarah Jane Smith Time Warrior

The Time Warrior reviewed

Another trip down memory lane as I re-watch The Time Warrior after a mere forty-two years or so have passed! A Robert Holmes story for the Third Doctor, introducing Sarah Jane Smith, the Sontarans and more, what’s not to like? Add Terrance Dicks as script editor and Barry Letts as producer, and the scene is set…

Doctor Who Complete History 17

Complete History volume 17 reviewed

It may be volume 17, but it is actually the second book released in the Doctor Who The Complete History collection. Not as cheap as the first edition (Complete History volume 55), it is part of a two-for-one and focusses on three Third Doctor stories. I bought this both for the price, but mostly because it covers…