The DWC bids farewell to the Third Doctor

And with one last outing, the Doctor Who Companion completes its tour of the Jon Pertwee years. Simon Danes gives his thoughts in REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 11 – SELF-DESTRUCTION and as usual it’s well worth a read. It reminded me of some personal highlights from Season 11 as well.

Season 11

It all starts with the introduction of one Sarah Jane Smith, but Time Warrior also gives us the Sontarans. I remember not being too taken with Invasion of the Dinosaurs, but did like the puzzle city in Death to the Daleks. We went back to one of my favourite locations in Monster of Peladon then all too soon it’s farewell in Planet of the Spiders. Metabelis III is not for the faint-hearted.

And then it’s all over until The Five Doctors. I particularly like Simon’s conclusion to his piece, covering how the Pertwee years are far better than tends to be said. Even in my own piece on Season 7 drove home just how much strength there was in the first stories. I’ve always claimed the Troughton years as showing some of the greatest creativity in the show’s history, but I think I am too biased by earliest memories.

Enough for now, the Fourth Doctor will be along shortly.

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