Should the Doctor return to Peladon in series 12?

Many sources are reporting the Cybermen will be back in series 12 to face the Thirteenth Doctor, but I’m thinking wind back ten (!!) incarnations and why not visit Peladon again? Big Finish did an excellent job with the Fifth Doctor in the Barnaby Edward story The Bride of Peladon, but I think we need another visit. I’ll explain…

Return to Peladon

First a recap. On TV, the Third Doctor and Jo visited Peladon in The Curse of Peladon. That was in 1972. I remember really enjoying this story and not minding the far less popular Monster of Peladaon a decent idea of a return with newer companion Sarah Jane Smith. And that’s it, apart from Alpha Centauri herself appearing in Empress of Mars we’ve had nothing. The Ice Warriors themselves have also been poorly served, so it’s one reason to consider Peladon as a destination for the Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.

The main one is cultural. Curse of Peladon is widely seen as reflecting Britain’s entry into what was then called the Common Market. With the current Brexit times (and I make no comment on Brexit) surely we have an opportunity for more observation? In the past the show has not been afraid of tackling politics and Graham, Ryan and Yasmin must surely have opinions?

Will it happen? I think the show is playing too safe, and the BBC would get even more accusations of bias from parties involved. Just imagine though!

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