Nightmare Fair part one for free

This week’s free Big Finish story (10 August 2020) is Part One of the Lost Story The Nightmare Fair. It comes with an offer on the whole story and some other sales options. If you don’t know it’s a Sixth Doctor and Peri story by Graham Williams. The press release follows.

The return of Outpost Gallifrey

August the 1st 2020 saw the return to the internet of Outpost Gallifrey. Is this a brave attempt to resurrect a much-used site in a very crowded market or something else? Might it succeed? Well for now it’s just a small number of blog posts, so some way to go to reach the heights of…

Shakespeare and secrets for the First Doctor

Ahead of (Virtual) Big Finish Day, we’ve been given details of The First Doctor Adventures Volume 05. And there’s more: as part of Virtual Big Finish Day Claudia Grant and Carole Ann Ford are interviewed together in a panel Big Finish are calling The Two Susans! A reminder that events start at 4 pm (UK time) Saturday…

Lost in Space with Nyssa!

Big Finish has released the July Short Trips story Downward Spiral. It’s read by Sarah Sutton, so no surprise to find the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa in this claustrophobic Alan Flanagan story. It’s worth reading the press release (below).

Big Finish releases Robots 2

Good news for fans of Nicola Walker’s Liv Chenka (ie everyone?!), Big Finish has released Robots 2! Catch up with events in Kaldor City and welcome the return of the late David Collings as Poul and just enjoy three more stories with the Chenka sisters.