Doom Coalition 4 review

After four boxsets giving us sixteen hours of innovative adventure for the Eighth Doctor with adversaries new and old, Doom Coalition has come to an end. Even knowing the direction of travel of the likely ending (the universe and the Doctor both must survive to be challenged in many more adventures to come), this set still comes with…

Torchwood: Visiting Hours review

Season 3 of Big Finish Torchwood kicks off in style with Nerys Hughes and Kai Owen as mother and son Brenda and Rhys Williams in David Llewellyn’s Visiting Hours. The standard of entertainment and production is as high as ever, and this season promises to match the high standards set already.

Fourth Doctor: The Eternal Battle review

I reviewed the Fourth Doctor Adventure: The Eternal Battle for Cultbox. It’s a great Fourth Doctor / Leela / K9 story with Sontarans and writers Cavan Scott and Mark Wright have delivered an excellent hours entertainment. The review is part of the monthly round-up I produce with Ian McArdell: Big Finish’s latest ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories reviewed: February 2017…

Jennie Linden website

Just a quick mention for Jennie Linden’s website: Jennie There are some interviews, background her career (and not just the Peter Cushing film Dr Who and the Daleks, in which she played Barbara) and a chance to pick up some signed items. There’s even a link to the Big Finish release Unregenerate!, in which she played Professor…

War Doctor Volume 4 review on CultBox

I reviewed the phenomenal War Doctor Volume 4:Casualties of War on CultBox. It’s really rather good (the boxset, not my review!), and no hesitation in awarding 5*! The review is: ‘The War Doctor’ Volume 4 review: A raft of great performances in ‘Casualties of War’. /// Message Ends \\\