Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1997 announced

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1997

Terraqueous Distributors has announced The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1997. You can follow their FaceBook page to stay up to date, but really the cover makes this a must have! The announcement (co The Doctor Who Site) is below.

The Missing Eighth Doctor Annual

People have been asking for an 8th Doctor annual ever since ‘Terraqueous Distributors’ first started the annuals project. And although we’ve wanted to, Big Finish has been doing a wonderful job, giving us years of adventures with the 8th Doctor. 

However, back in 1996 once the TV Movie had aired, there was a strip that ran every week in the Radio Times, written by Gary Russell and beautifully illustrated by Lee Sullivan. These were the original continued adventures of the 8th Doctor, and his new companions Stacy and Ice Warrior – Ssard.

Like many other fans, we looked forward to picking up the Radio Times every Tuesday, just for this strip alone. It was so well written. And I remember at the time, being very disappointed when the strip ended. 

So now we’re going back to the beginning of the 8th Doctor’s journey – when Doctor Who was brought back to our screens, after a seven year absence.

This is very much a 1997 annual. We’re going back to that amazing year, when everything was new! A new production team, a huge new Tardis interior, and an amazing new Doctor in Paul McGann. And new companions Stacy and Ssard. The 1997 annual will include features, puzzles, strips, and stories. 

We have contributions from Gary Russell, Lee Sullivan, along with illustrations from great artists like Alister Pearson, Smuzz (2000ad fame), Paul Cooke and more.

‘The Dr Who unofficial annual 1997’ and ‘The Dr Who unofficial annual 1988’, will be released later this year.

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