Order of the Daleks review on CultBox

order-of-the-daleks-coverI reviewed Order of the Daleks on CultBox as part of the monthly round-up I do with Ian McArdell. This Mike Tucker story has much to recommend, including the rather splendid cover. The review is part of: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: November 2016 reviews round-up.

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Could Georgia Moffett reprise Jenny for Big Finish?

jenny-georgia-moffettObviously most things are possible, so in the most abstract the answer to this (oft asked) question is yes. Why blog about it now? Well things might be changing… once again Big Finish might be in a position to bring back part of the show on audio. Could Jenny by coming to Big Finish? Continue reading

Class: Detained – review

class-charlie-and-matteuszWith Detained, Patrick Ness is adopting a device often used in Doctor Who by having the main cast split across two episodes allowing for breaks in the actors’ schedules and also saving money. In this case, Class not only peeled the teenage leads away from Miss Quill, but also managed one of those inward looking episodes with no additional cast.

It was different, pretty good but I have to admit I am more looking forward to next week’s adventure. Continue reading

Abby and Zara – what happened next…

sian-phillips-annie-firbankSo, you’re the Tracer twins, Abby and Zara, created by the Grace to locate the segments of the Key to Time, long since stripped of your powers and now called Amy and Joy. What happens next? Simon Guerrier answers this question in Graceless 4. The details are still emerging, but the cunning twist is time passes and they get older. Played now by Sian Phillips and Annie Firbank, the next series promises new adventure and a great cast; full details: THE NEW ABBY AND ZARA!

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