Doctor Who on Boxing Day?!

Good news, there will be Doctor Who on Boxing Day this year (2019). The (perhaps) less good news – it’s every available classic episode streamed on new service BritBox as reported on The Doctor Who Companion: EVERY SURVIVING EPISODE OF CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO COMING TO BRITBOX ON BOXING DAY. Enjoy! *** Message Ends ***

2020 Doctor Who Calendar options

After last year’s 2019 Doctor Who Calendar madness, this time around we have several options combining all currently known TV incarnations of the Doctor (OK, Valeyard excluded). I’ve gone for the most economically priced (ie cheapest) as shown. It’s based on the New portraits of the Doctors and despite being shown, Amazon reviews suggest the…

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society

If you’ve an ear for electronic music with the faintest of connections to Doctor Who you might try the Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society. So far they have two titles available, the eponymous one shown left and another titled Wow and Flutter. %%% Message Ends %%%

Celestial Toyroom 499 out now

The latest DWAS, free to members Celestial Toyroom is now out. In fact if you’re a member you probably already have your copy. The cover features the Thirteenth Doctor but the contents are almost entirely about fandom and specifically the DWAS Capitol convention. It does have a wonderful interview with Lisa Greenwood and also comes…