Paul Spragg Opportunity winner 2018

Big Finish has announce the winner of the 2018 Short Trips Opportunity 2018, and it’s a Second Doctor story The Last Day at Work, written by Harry Draper. Read by Nick Briggs, it will be available free later this month (December 2018). News item here: SHORT TRIPS OPPORTUNITY 2018. Congratulations to Harry and a review will follow soon!…

That Macra Terror animation

After what seems like weeks of small leaks, we finally have details on the release of the animated Doctor Who: The Macra Terror. The Cultbox piece is pretty comprehensive, and saves me writing my own: Doctor Who lost episode The Macra Terror: animation coming soon. Key fact is it can be ordered from early January 2019, so…

Wild Thymes on the 22

Obverse Books has released their tenth collection of Iris Wildthyme stories, Wild Thymes on the 22. Edited by Stewart Sheargold (Big Finish Productions), Wild Thymes on the 22 features new fiction by Steve Cole, Richard Wright, Matthew Bright, Cody Schell, Neil Chester and many others, with a special wrap-round cover by noted comics artist Paul Hanley.

New cover for Rulebook

Over on FaceBook in the Big Finish Audio group, someone called Phil Johnson has been beavering away making new covers for various titles. The covers all have the new series 11 logo and are rather attractive. Of course, I was drawn to his cover for my Fifth Doctor story Rulebook. +++ Message Ends +++