Wreck of the World review

I thoroughly enjoyed the Timothy X Atack Early Adventures: The Wreck of the World as you can tell from my CultBox review: Doctor Who: Wreck of the World review. It’s a Second Doctor story with Jamie and Zoe with a great set of supporting characters in a memorable setting. +++ Message Ends +++

The War Master Only the Good review

With the boxset Only the Good, the Derek Jacobi War Master makes his first appearance for Big Finish. It’s a suitably subtle yet grim introduction, well realised and worth the investment. It’s also a chance to to explore some of what the Master did during the Time War, and understand how he ended up hiding away…

Landbound review

The winner of the 2018 Paul Spragg Short Trips Memorial Opportunity is now released (as of December 29, Paul’s birthday). It’s Landbound by Selim Ulug, a Third Doctor story read by Nick Briggs and directed by Neil Gardner. Mention also for Ian Atkins who produced, script edited and read all the competition entries. It’s free so no excuse…

Companion Chronicles Series 1

As part of the 12 Days of  BigFinishmas 2017, came the announcement of the availability of the first series of the Companion Chronicles on download! While it’s fair to say the series had yet to find its feet, do consider getting hold of the Nigel Fairs story The Blue Tooth. It’s a chance to hear Caroline John reprise…

Twice Upon a Time review

So, the end of several eras and lots of nostalgia in a Christmas special combining multiple Doctors, plenty of reflection and the thinnest of stories supporting some great performances. Twice Upon a Time delivered what it promised, no less and perhaps no more. There are many spoilers to follow; you’ve been warned!