Doctor Who and Philosophy

Doctor Who and PhilosophyThere are a lot of books available to fans of Doctor Who. Novels, non-fiction, fan-fiction, fan-review and much more besides. One of the more unusual is Doctor Who and Philosophy (Bigger on the Inside). This features a vast set of essays exploring the philosophy of the show. It’s different but as a reviewer (and writer) it does explore Doctor Who from some new angles. Continue reading

Fiesta of the Damned review

Fiesta of the Damned coverFiesta of the Damned is another triumph for Big Finish, despite just possibly missing an opportunity along the way. Guy Adams has written a thoroughly enjoyable story for the new Seventh Doctor crew of Ace and Mel that takes them to Spain.

The latest attempt at a holiday fails on the first hurdle – who picks the Spanish Civil War for a vacation?! Continue reading

Legacy: Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1. Some thoughts…

Doctor Who Legacy Bigger on the InsideSo, Tiny Rebel Games has managed to piece together everything I don’t like about their game into one premium level. Yes, despite George Mann’s writing (what little there is) Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1 is not for me.

I am happy to not be target audience; I am less happy at how little there is keeping me interested in this game. What happened to the core ambition? Meanwhile… Continue reading

Torchwood: Made You Look review on Cultbox

Torchwood Made You LookMy review for Torchwood: Made You Look is now on CultBox: ‘Torchwood’ review: Season 2 of Big Finish’s audios concludes with ‘Made You Look’I liked it, but did feel it wasn’t as excellent as the others in this range. Given how good they are, this is not an issue at all and I recommend it.

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Short Trip: The Blame Game review

Doctor Who The Blame GameEven in the single-narrator Short Trips range, telling a story of Liz Shaw’s time with the Third Doctor is a challenge. Range producer Ian Atkins cracks this in one of his own stories, The Blame Game. The device is cunning — add a third character, but make them someone unexpected yet plausible. Enter Rufus Hound as the Monk!
Continue reading

Pursuit of History review on Cultbox

Pursuit of HistoryI reviewed the Fourth Doctor story Pursuit of History for Cultbox as part of the July roundup with Ian McArdell. David Warner, Toby Hadoke and David Troughton, not to mention Tom Baker and Lalla Ward with John Leeson as K9. What’s not to like in Nick Briggs’s first part of the season close for the current Fourth Doctor Adventures? The review is: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: July 2016 reviews round-up.

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Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 1 review on Cultbox

Classic Doctors New MonstersIt’s out at last! Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 1 is superb and congratulations to all those involved. Four Doctors, five writers, four alien races; what’s not to like! Doctor Who at its finest!

My 5* review is now live on CultBox: ‘Doctor Who’ audio box set review: ‘Classic Doctors, New Monsters – Volume 1’.

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