Could DI Menzies return?

With the news Anna Hope is appearing in the newly announced Tales of New Earth, I wondered – Could DI Menzies return? There’s an interview with Anna here in the 2008 Lancashire Telegraph: Doctor Who actor at convention. If you aren’t sure who DI Menzies is, or why she needs to return, carry on…

Obscure Dalek story of the week

And it’s well done to Atlas Obscura for their 1964 clip of a student Dalek outfit showing a rag week student selling books dressed as a Dalek. Perhaps the Daleks have already taken over! The story is: In 1964, You Could Buy Magazines From a Street Dalek! !!! Message Ends !!!

Enter the War Master!

Big Finish has announced Sir Derek Jacobi in a boxset as The War Master! The news item (and there are other announcements as well) is: DEREK JACOBI RETURNS AS THE WAR MASTER! In my mind, it’s an excellent concept, a great set of writers (Nick Briggs, Guy Adams, James Goss and new writer Janine H Jones).…

The Undiscovered Dalek

Thanks to the Cultbox Editor for pointing out a great crowdfunding project — The Undiscovered Dalek. It’s a Victor Lewis-Smith project, and I’ll let the man explain in his own words: It’s the first ever full-length documentary for cinema release devoted to the world-famous interstellar migrants from the planet Skaro