Torchwood 6: God Among Us

Big Finish has announced Torchwood 6 — God Among Us the follow on the the rather brilliant Torchwood 5 — Aliens Among Us. The news item is: GOD IS COMING IN TORCHWOOD SERIES 6. I’m guessing series 7 might be called The Devil Among Us, but that’s just a guess! We have quite a lot of detail already…

Torchwood: Believe review

Set during the show’s second season, Torchwood: Believe gives fans the full-cast adventure they’ve wanted since Big Finish first produced the range. There’s no Rhys, but we do have Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen and Toshiko. It’s a three-disc story from the mighty pen of Guy Adams, directed by Scott Handcock.

Soph draws twitch

If you’re following the twitch stream of Doctor Who, you might like to also check out the work of Bristol based artist Soph. She has lots on twitter (see the link) and a blog through which you can buy her prints: S.ILES ART. +++ Message Ends +++

Free titles from Candy Jar books

There’s a Kindle giveaway thanks to Candy Jar Books, with five titles now free! The promotion runs for five days from 16th June 2018, and includes several Lethbridge-Stewart titles! It’s done in line with the Doctor Who on twitch event, and is the last giveaway until Autumn.