Thoughts ahead of Rosa

So, the TARDIS team of the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz are now in the TARDIS, and it’s time travel as well as space travel. It’s a typical flip-flop not unlike the very First Doctor, where you have introduction story / time travel story / space travel story just in a different order. What am I…

Ghost Monument Extras

Not a lot of bonus BBC content for The Ghost Monument, but worth a peek (and the video clips aren’t very long. What’s nice to see is a sudden shift from more corporate content to a mix of straight stuff and more fun material. I blame the custard creams!

The Ghost Monument review

So, series 11 is well under way now, and with the finding of the TARDIS, it’s all go for another set of adventures in space and time. There’s plenty to talk about and overall I didn’t like The Ghost Monument as much as the The Woman Who Fell to Earth, but still plenty to enjoy and talk about…

Tea Watch returns!

During the Twelfth Doctor era, I kept an eye open for tea drinking, and am bringing back Tea Watch for the Thirteenth Doctor. If the TARDIS console can produce custard creams, surely a decent cup of tea can’t be far away! I’ll keep you posted! !!! Message Ends !!!