Fifth Doctor sale recommendation

This week (13-19 April, 2018) there’s special offers on several Fifth Doctor titles from Big Finish. Full details are: FIFTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS. There’s a lot of good titles, and the news piece is pushing Iterations of I from the Fifth Doctor Boxset. I rather like Paul Magr’s Lady of Mercia and Eddie Robson’s Fanfare for the Common Men. There are other titles…

Short Trips: The Turn of the Screw review

The March 2018 Big Finish Doctor Who: Short Trips was The Turn of the Screw by Eddie Robson. It’s read by Yee Jee Tso, reprising UNIT office Charlie Sato. This story brings Charlie into contact with the Eighth Doctor, a nice touch given Yee Jee Tso\s part in Doctor Who: the Movie. Is this story any good? Let’s find out…

Mission Improbable review

It’s a welcome return to the Doctor Who Subscriber Short Trips for Chris Wing (who wrote Bletchington Station). Free with Serpent in the Silver Mask is Mission Improbable, a Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe adventure, read (with his usual style) by Stephen Critchlow.

Musical episode of Doctor Who revealed [April Fool]

In a leak guaranteed to sow discord amongst fans, Norwegian Composer Olaf Poril has revealed he has composed the songs for a forthcoming musical episode of Doctor Who. New companion Bradley Walsh is expected to feature heavily in this episode, given his recent chart success with Chasing Dreams, the best-selling British debut album of 2016.