Attack of the Dounreay Dalek

Back in the 1960s, Daleks were seen terrorising schoolchildren and taking a particular interest in the nuclear facility at Dounreay. Before you wonder if this is the plot for another Doctor Who lost story, rest easy; it’s the story of how a school visit was surprised by a home made Dalek.

The Twitch of the Daleks

Over on DoctorWho TV there’s news of the latest Twitch outing for Doctor Who (latest as of 11 Feb 2019). It’s a Dalek marathon running from 17 – 22 February. Stories start with Daleks and end with Remembrance and include The Five Doctors. Full details: The Daleks come to Twitch for six day marathon. /O\ Message Ends /O\

Devil in the Mist review on CultBox

January 2019 kicks off with a rare return for writer Cavan Scott with Devil in the Mist. It’s a Fifth Doctor story with Tegan, Turlough and a first Big Finish appearance for Kamelion (voiced by Jon Culshaw). I enjoyed it much more than I expected to; my review is on CultBox: Doctor Who: Devil In The Mist review. ***…

Gerry Davis archive interviews on the DWAS

Any consideration of the Second Doctor must come to the reasonable conclusion that Cybermen are his key nemesis, as suggested in my post What did the Second Doctor ever do for the Show? It’s a short step then to considering the impact of Kit Pedler (left in photo) on Doctor Who, but let’s not forget Gerry Davis (right). The picture shows them working on Doomwatch, but…