More details on Ravenous 3

Big Finish has given more details for Ravenous 3, beyond those revealed at Big Finish Day. The second story (Companion Piece by John Dorney) has no Eighth Doctor, but has Charley, Bliss, River Song, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair all in one episode. Add The Nine and this will be a feast for the ears! The news…

Hymns for Robots

If you’re near Swindon either today (9 Nov 2018) or tomorrow, you might want to visit the Noctium Theatre for a production concerning the musical life of Delia Derbyshire. Titled Hymns for Robots, more details in the Swindon Advertiser: Noctium Theatre lands TARDIS for Delia Derbyshire drama. <<< Message Ends >>>