Torchwood: Aliens Among Us Part 3 review

With its third four-disc boxset, series 5 of Torchwood comes to a end, even if not every storyline gets a conclusion. If nothing else, there is plenty that could (should?) happen, and a follow-on series would be most welcome. Meanwhile, back in Cardiff, a surprise visitor has upset several apple-carts at Torchwood. Welcome back Yvonne Hartman!…

Dalek 6388

Here’s a website worth exploring: Dalek 6388 – A History of the Dalek props in Doctor Who. It’s packed full of Dalek related information, photos and lots else besides. It’s the brainchild of Jon and Gav. What are you waiting for? Have a look now! +++ Message Ends +++

Nerva – 30 June 2018 High Wycombe

Here’s an date for the diary, Nerva, a one day classic Doctor Who event in High Wycombe on June 30, 2018. There’s no website (yet) but you can get information if you follow The Ark in Space (@ClassicDrWho) on twitter. It’s not a public event, so you’d better get following! Some details have been provided already:

Unbound Imaginings available free!

Just a note to mention the first book from the Divergent Wordsmiths: Unbound Imaginings, It’s a free PDF from a group of fans who met through the Divergent Universe forum. I’ve not had a chance to read, but the cover is impressive and that’s a good sign. It’s all fan fiction and might be worth a look! *** Message…

One Doctor, Two Hearts

One of the first products with the new Doctor Who branding is a Penguin book for young children: Doctor Who: One Doctor, Two Hearts. It’s a learn to count book, ideal for young time tots [did I really just write that?!], written and illustrated by Adam Howling.

Short Trips: Mel-evolent review

As you might spot from the title, Mel-evolent is a Mel Short Trips story, and balancing her current tenure in the TARDIS this is a Sixth Doctor story. It’s a lovely piece of prose and Bonnie Langford delivers a great performance (under the watchful ear [!!] of director Helen Goldwyn), writer Simon A Forward delivers a memorable story and the whole…