Gerry Davis archive interviews on the DWAS

Any consideration of the Second Doctor must come to the reasonable conclusion that Cybermen are his key nemesis, as suggested in my post What did the Second Doctor ever do for the Show? It’s a short step then to considering the impact of Kit Pedler (left in photo) on Doctor Who, but let’s not forget Gerry Davis (right). The picture shows them working on Doomwatch, but…

The Arrival of the Second Doctor

I found a good piece on the cusp between the First Doctor and Second Doctor on something called The BBC Genome Blog. The piece is by Andrew Martin (who I assume is the same person who has written with Justin Richards). The piece is: Doctor Who: The Regeneration Game.

Judge the Thirteenth Doctor by the quality of her enemies

As I was putting together the post What did the Second Doctor ever do for the show?, I realised how applicable the Oscar Wilde quote was to series 11, Jodie Whittaker’s first outing as the Thirteenth Doctor. I paraphrase: judge the Doctor by the quality of her enemies. From this (and it’s a high-level view) it’s obvious Resolution would be a crowd-pleaser.

What did the Second Doctor ever do for the show?

It’s February, so it’s the Second Doctor theme here on Red Rocket Rising, and how better to discuss the cosmic hobo than to ask the Monty Python Romans question: What did the second Doctor ever do for the show? It’s 2019 now and Patrick Troughton’s main run as the Doctor was 1966-1969, almost 50 years! If pushed, the Second Doctor is my Doctor (whatever…