Smile reviewed

So, despite my hopes (not that they matter), the Frank Cottrell Boyce story Smile, was more fail than success for many reasons. It was very striking visually, but that isn’t enough. This review will be full of spoilers, so if you’ve yet to watch, don’t read.

Stephanie Hyam draws The Pilot

She may be a talented actor who only appeared briefly as Heather in The Pilot, but it turns out Stephanie Hyam has other talents, including illustration as seen in the picture she drew for the episode (left). I think it speaks for itself – I wonder if she’ll draw more? ^^^ Message Ends ^^^

Thoughts ahead of Smile

So, we’ve had The Pilot, now it’s episode 2 and Smile. The trailer gives us the emojibots, and we know this is the Doctor and Bill getting to know each other. It some ways it’s (perhaps) a bit Gridlock, a story in which everyone seemed to have vanished until the (not very convincing) secret was discovered. Will this be…