Should we Vote Saxon?

It may be an obscure comment on Brexit or something entirely innocuous, but Vote Saxon signs have been appearing around Cardiff Bay. The conclusion? Well, if you’re a Doctor Who fan it raises the possibility of a John Simms Master appearing in series opposite the Thirteenth Doctor. Likely? Who knows with Doctor Who? Do I…

What did the Fourth Doctor do for the show?

There’s a quick guide to the Fourth Doctor on the generally excellent BBC America website: ‘Doctor Who’: A Companion To The Fourth Doctor. It makes a few good points, but I’ve been thinking structurally. I’ll give a thumbnail view of the previous incarnations then hone in on the contribution of the Fourth Doctor. I’m ignoring…

Torchwood: Night of the Fendahl review

The 2019 Torchwood meets Doctor Who monsters season began with the April release, Night of the Fendahl. Perhaps not the most obvious of classic monsters to revisit, in the hands of writer Tim Foley it’s a superb listen (and let’s not forget the sound work of Mark Hendrick.)

Shada (BluRay 2017) Review

I’ve talked about Shada before, mostly around the Big Finish / BBC Eighth Doctor version; now it’s time to consider the 2017 part-animated version (as discussed on BBC Cambridgeshire: Doctor Who: Tom Baker finishes abandoned 1979 Shada serial).

Torchwood: Deadbeat Escape review

Between Deadbeat Escape and Goodbye Piccadilly there’s a vast difference in style and together they provide just a glimpse into the versatility of writer (and range producer) James Goss. This time we have a dark, brooding tale of rain and strange hotels. It also puts Billis Manger (Murray Melvin) centre stage.