Class dismissed

As we’d long suspected (and Patrick Ness’s departure was a big clue), Class is no more. If you read my reviews, I quite liked this show, it had flaws but some potential. James Baldock wrote a good piece for the Metro newspaper: Doctor Who spin-off Class is axed – why didn’t it work? It’s a good piece, makes…

Class lives on?

No sooner am I reporting the demise of Class, than I find an official fan-fiction site! It’s on Mixtal, as is the Doctor Who site: Class: FanFiction. Who knows, give it ten to twenty years, and it might come back bigger, shinier and renewed!

Patrick Ness leaves the Class

Not that there was much suggestion series two might be happening, but Patrick Ness has made it clear, via the medium of twitter, he will not be involved in any new series. He held out until the end of the BBC America run, but has now made it public. The odds were against a follow-on,…

Class: The Lost – review

As the first season of Class comes to an end, Patrick Ness takes no prisoners in The Lost. It was action packed, it shuffled the deck and nobody came out untransformed. Was it any good? Yes, I believe it was. There are some bits I have qualms about, but overall a decent piece of entertainment.

Class: … What Quill Did review

So, week 7 and we find out what Miss Quill while the Class were in detention. With the full title of The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill did, the best we could do was to expect the unexpected. Did Patrick Ness deliver with the latest episode? Short answer: Yes; long answer, read on…