Class: The Lost – review

As the first season of Class comes to an end, Patrick Ness takes no prisoners in The Lost. It was action packed, it shuffled the deck and nobody came out untransformed. Was it any good? Yes, I believe it was. There are some bits I have qualms about, but overall a decent piece of entertainment.


Class: … What Quill Did review

So, week 7 and we find out what Miss Quill while the Class were in detention. With the full title of The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill did, the best we could do was to expect the unexpected. Did Patrick Ness deliver with the latest episode? Short answer: Yes; long answer, read on…


Class: Detained – review

With Detained, Patrick Ness is adopting a device often used in Doctor Who by having the main cast split across two episodes allowing for breaks in the actors’ schedules and also saving money. In this case, Class not only peeled the teenage leads away from Miss Quill, but also managed one of those inward looking…


Class: Brave-ish heart review

Patrick Ness keeps up the good work in Class: Brave-ish Heart and hearts are very much a theme with the word being used in almost every scene. To recap the first part, Co-owner of a Lonely Heart, April has gained amazing powers and needs to go to fight the Shadowkin; her father appeared, her mother got changed…


Class: …lonely heart review

Patrick Ness’s fourth episode of the first series of Class was Co-owner of a Lonely Heart, more than a little allusion to the similarly named Yes track. I’ve seen some complaints about pacing and plot but for me this is hugely entertaining and as good as the rest of the series. Here are my thoughts…


Class: Nightvisiting review

With the third episode of the first series of Class, writer Patrick Ness focusses on Tanya (Vivian Oparah) in Nightvisiting. My favourite episode so far, a lot to enjoy and many of the regulars get something relevant to do without feeling forced. It’s a better made piece of TV than the previous two episodes and genuinely spooky.…