Class dismissed

As we’d long suspected (and Patrick Ness’s departure was a big clue), Class is no more. If you read my reviews, I quite liked this show, it had flaws but some potential. James Baldock wrote a good piece for the Metro newspaper: Doctor Who spin-off Class is axed – why didn’t it work? It’s a good piece, makes sensible points and explores the idea of Big Finish taking it on well.

Time for Big Finish to step-in?

As James says, Big Finish has a record of success in adversity, but is Class a step too far? Has it achieved critical mass? If we look at other modern license products such as Churchill and New Earth we can argue the case of Class having more air-time than they had. Big Finish can deal with the Weeping Angels, and I think a lot of the actors would be good on audio. Big Finish also boasts the writers who worked on Class spin-off books.

I wouldn’t be surprised, but is it a priority? We still have more River Song to come (I assume) and other forays into stories set in the modern series. We shall see!

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