Scott Handcock talks Ianto Jones

Scott HandcockOn his tumblr blog, Scott Handcock makes an impassioned plea to so-called Torchwood fans to give him and the Big Finish team some understanding and respect and to stop demanding Ianto Jones be resurrected. His post is here: Ianto Jones.

Ianto Jones is dead – deal with it

Scott is a nice guy, and keeps his post polite while giving a huge insight into just how much the Big Finish team love the show, and how proud they are of what they’ve done. And so they should be. Given the amount of hassle he’s had, I would be far less polite, and tempted to make all sorts of angry comments.

It makes me sad to be a fan, and makes me despair of the supposed intelligence of the human race. I also was shocked when Ianto died in Children of Earth, but it’s done. This isn’t Doctor Who where Moffat-style companions forget to stay dead. It’s a more adult drama, written for adults.

Enough of what I think; just read Scott’s post and reflect.

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