Early Adventure 6.2: Daughter of the Gods review on CultBox

I enjoyed the David K Barnes Early Adventures 6.2: Daughter of the Gods a lot. On paper a possibly mad multi-Doctor story with the First Doctor, Second Doctor, Steven, Jamie and Zoe. And Daleks. And Katarina! My review is on CultBox: Daughter of the Gods – Doctor Who Early Adventures 6.2 review. It’s very different…

Early Adventures 6.1 Home Guard review on CultBox

I reviewed Simon Guerrier’s Home Guard for CultBox: The Home Guard – Doctor Who Early Adventures 6.1 audio review. It’s a quirky but good Second Doctor tale with Ben, Polly and Jamie along with the Dreyfus Master. There are suggestions this might be Elliot’s last time playing Ben – let’s hope not. *** Message Ends…

Target style artwork for First Doctor Adventures vol 03

Here’s a thing from the Big Finish FaceBook page, Target cover style art for The First Doctor Adventures Volume 03. The FB post isn’t absolutely specific, but I assume this was done by Tom Webster. Hands up who wants more?! ((( Message Ends )))

The Crash of the UK-201 review on CultBox

My review of Jonathan Morris’s entirely excellent Doctor Who Early Adventures: The Crash of the UK-201 is now live on CultBox. It’s an impressive piece of writing as you’ll see from my review: Doctor Who Early Adventures: The Crash Of The UK-201. <<= Message Ends =>>

Doctor Who: The Rescue review

Often summarised as a short story in two episodes to introduce a new companion (I paraphrase), I think there’s a bit more to The Rescue than the simple description does justice. Yes it’s about the first (ever) companion change from Susan to Vicki, and yes there’s not much story, but it still has its moments. I’ve chosen it for…

Entanglement review on CultBox

I was probably a bit critical of November’s Early Adventures by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky, but it was set in my alma mater, though a few decades before my time! That aside, Entanglement is a fun if something of parody, and well worth a listen. My review is on CultBox: Big Finish – Doctor Who: Entanglement review….

The Dalek Occupation of Winter review on CultBox

The latest round of Early Adventures kicks off with the extremely recommended The Dalek Invasion of Winter by David K Barnes. It’s one of the most impressive debuts (to Big Finish) I can recall for a long time, and a great example of how writing, directing (Lisa Bowerman in fine form as ever) and performance (Peter Purves…

Wreck of the World review

I thoroughly enjoyed the Timothy X Atack Early Adventures: The Wreck of the World as you can tell from my CultBox review: Doctor Who: Wreck of the World review. It’s a Second Doctor story with Jamie and Zoe with a great set of supporting characters in a memorable setting. +++ Message Ends +++

The Morton Legacy review

I reviewed the Early Adventures story The Morton Legacy for Starburst. It’s a rock-solid Second Doctor story by Justin Richards with Jamie, Polly and Ben as the TARDIS crew. The review is: THE MORTON LEGACY. +++ Message Ends +++

The Outliers review on Cultbox

My review of the Early Adventures Doctor Who story The Outliers is up on Cultbox: Doctor Who Early Adventures: The Outliers review. I’m a big fan of this crew and period, and Simon Guerrier always brings something interesting to the table. I have to note how well embedded Elliot Chapman’s Ben Jackson is in our consciousness….

The Night Witches review

I reviewed the great historical Early Adventures: The Night Witches for Cultbox: The Night Witches (Doctor Who audio) review. It’s a cracking story, and everyone is at the top of their game. It’s the first of a bunch of stories by Roland Moore, and on the strength of this we are in for a treat. +++ Message…

The Sontarans reviewed

The third season of Doctor Who: Early Adventures ends with The Sontarans. Simon Guerrier wrote this First Doctor story with companions Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom. It’s action packed and rather clever. You want more? Carry on reading…