Professor Howe appears

Almost every week there’s a new Doctor Who charity book announced, and way too many for me to remember/ mention (though happy to publicise anything I’m asked). I do have to give a mention to the new parody Professor Howe and the Toothless Tribe. Christopher Samuel Stone wrote this spoof / homage to the original Hartnell story and…

The Missy Chronicles are coming!

Available on Amazon for pre-order, you can get The Missy Chronicles, released February 2018. All we know is it will be 224 pages, and authors include Cavan Scott, Jaq Rayner, James Goss, Paul Magrs, Richard Dinnick and Peter Anghelides. The picture left isn’t the cover, just a mock-up I did using a picture I found here: TARDIS…

Black Archive: The God Complex

Another occasional look at a Black Archive release, and this time it’s Paul Driscoll’s take on The God Complex. Paul has plenty to say in this rather thorough analysis, covering 184 pages, and a quick peek at his credentials lets us know this might be an academic tome (Paul is a theology postgraduate from Oxford). If I have…

More Doctor Who Mr Men mash-ups!

Thanks to the Radio Times for details of the next wave of Mr Men meets Doctor Who. I’ve resisted getting these (so far!) but they do look great! Details here: The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack face the Autons in one of four new Doctor Who-Mr Men mash-up books. ++> Message Ends <++

Cavan Scott blogs Dalek

Over on his blog, Cavan Scott talks about how he, George Mann and Justin Richards have produced the new book Dalek. The post is Introducing… Dalek, and gives a good idea of just why you might want to buy this epic tome. –> Message Ends <–