Time Dilation 101

Thanks to Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula, we have a view on the time dilation as presented in World Enough and Time. Bottom line is yes, it’s not ridiculous (though the material stresses aren’t discussed), but Simon also mentions some other aspects of the situation worth reading. It’s a post on the Radio Times site: The mind-blowing real…

The Target Book (2016)

I was just going through some bits and bobs, and realised I’d forgotten to mention the 2016 update of The Target Book. It’s gorgeous, and available from Telos Publishing on the link. I picked my copy up at the Cartoon Museum exhibition, for which it was updated. If you don’t own a version of this, thing very strongly…

Class lives on?

No sooner am I reporting the demise of Class, than I find an official fan-fiction site! It’s on Mixtal, as is the Doctor Who site: Class: FanFiction. Who knows, give it ten to twenty years, and it might come back bigger, shinier and renewed!

Meet Doctor First

You’ve no doubt spotted the mash-up Doctor Who meets the Mr Men, but perhaps you want to know more about them. I was wandering the Puffin site, and found this taster for Doctor First: Five hilariously Whovian moments from Dr. First. Enjoy! — Message Ends —

Plague City by Jonathan Morris reviewed

Jonathan Morris wrote Plague City, a Twelfth Doctor novel featuring Bill and Nardole. It ties in (like the other two books released at the same time by Cavan Scott and Mike Tucker) with the arrival of Bill in the TARDIS for season 10. I really liked the Edinburgh in the plague setting; my review is: PLAGUE CITY (DOCTOR…

The Shining Man by Cavan Scott reviewed

Cavan Scott joined fellow writers Mike Tucker and Jonathan Morris in marking the launch of season 10 (aka Bill’s arrival) with a novel. In this case it’s his first Doctor Who novel, The Shining Man. It’s a solid story (as you’d expect) though didn’t have the chance to develop Bill at all. I borrowed the picture from Cavan’s…

Now We Are 600

Thanks to DoctorWhoTV for the news of a new collection of time lord poetry, Now We Are 600. Written by the ever-talented James Goss, it’s illustrated by the as talented Russell T Davies. Full details: FORMER SHOWRUNNER RUSSELL T DAVIES RETURNS TO DOCTOR WHO FOR POETRY BOOK. &&& Message Ends &&&