Memories of Tomorrow — New Brigadier series from BBV

BBV has announced a new spin-off series The Brigadier Adventures. The series sees PROBE director Giles uncover a batch of documents revealing never-before-seen Brigadier adventures. The first story, Memories of Tomorrow, penned by acclaimed Doctor Who author John Peel, details Alistair’s first day at his new headquarters, where he encounters an unlikely ghost. More details…

Free! 10 Objects of Dr Who

Thanks to Candy Jar Books, Philip Bates has made available a free download of 10 Objects of Dr Who. It’s on The Doctor Who Companion, and is a sampler for 100 Objects of Dr Who. +++ Message Ends +++

Sarah Jane Smith Roving Reporter cover reveal

Pencil Tip Publishing has revealed the cover for soon to be published Sarah Jane Smith Roving Reporter. My story, In Memoriam was written some years ago now and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print (and remembering what it was about!). I believe it will be available to order in April. I’ll keep you…

TARDIS issue 2 now available

Issue 2 of the recently revived TARDIS magazine is ready and available to order. I understand it might even be more impressively laid out than the first issue. This time it’s a Seventh Doctor special, and there are contributions from Jessica Martin and Stephen Wyatt, as well as (of course) Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford and…

Free Christmas short from the Divergent Wordsmiths

Here’s a short (very) freebie for Christmas from The Divergent Wordsmiths, a story for the Peter Cushing version of the First Doctor, aka Dr Who. It’s a charming vignette titled A Christmas Cutaway. It’s buy Iain McLaughlin, and brought a smile to me at least! Merry Christmas! *** Message Ends ***

Unbound Imaginings Volume 2 released

The Divergent Wordsmiths have released Unbound Imaginings Volume 2. It’s free and available from their site. Well-known and beloved among the peoples of the Earth, there are many a myriad Time and space that have yet to be explored in Doctor Who. Beyond the horizons of even our own Doctors’ vivid conceptions, experience eight bold, new adventures in…

Divergent Wordsmiths release Trial by Ordeal

In the run-up to Unbound Imaginings: Volume 2, the Divergent Wordsmiths have announced the debut of another release they’ve been working on during 2020: Trial by Ordeal. Full details below…

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 released!

As has been much promoted, The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 is now released! You can buy it from Lulu (link below) and read more on the Terraqueous Distributors Facebook page. I’ve shamelessly stolen their press release (below).

Seventh Doctor and Ace — Beano style!

Terraqueous Distributors has really pulled out the stops for The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Not only are Jessica Martin and Stephen Wyatt involved, but there’s also a complete Beano comic strip for the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Plenty more information thanks to John Freeman of here: Unofficial Beano-style Doctor Who strip in the…

Loose Threads — a Doctor Who fanfiction collection

The Lovarzi Blog has released Loose Threads a collection of short Doctor Who stories. It’s yours for the cost of an email address — details here. It’s the work of Philip Bates, Alex Skerratt and David Wall.