Divergent Wordsmiths news

Good news! If you want to keep track of the Divergent Wordsmiths, they now have a news page. They also have a page of links, and also material for people wishing to link back (and idea I must steal!). They have also firmed up (and I’m probably a year late in noticing) their strapline: Exciting…

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 contributors revealed

If you examined the picture to the left, you’ll see Terraqueous Distributors has revealed the list of contributors for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Familiar names include Andrew Cartmel, and a few lines up one Tony Jones! More details on my Seventh Doctor and Ace story once the book is out! +++ Message Ends…

Unofficial Dr Who Omnibus now available to order

With stories by yours truly and proper writers such as Rob Nisbet, you can now get a bumper 460+ page compendious tome of unofficial Doctor Who stories. Detail on FaceBook, it’s a fab £16.22 on Lulu and if you rush there’s a 15% code on Lulu as well! ((( Message Ends )))

More news on the Unofficial Dr Who 1989 annual

Terraqueous Distributors has started reveals for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. So far we’ve a cover with promise of more to come. The annual itself (focussing on the Seventh Doctor and Ace) is due soon. *** Message Ends ***

100 Objects of Dr Who

Here’s a thing, Philip Bates (of the Doctor Who Companion) has a new book coming out soon. Published by Candy Jar it’s called 100 Objects of Dr Who. The retro cover is fabulous, and I will be after a review copy;-) There are a lot more details in James Baldock’s piece on the DWC: COMING…

Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter news

Pencil Tip Publishing has released an update on its forthcoming Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter. It’s due late 2020 / early 2021, but we now have list of stories and writers. Like many other titles, this is a charity raiser in this case the British Columbia Cancer Foundation. Details after the link (spoiler — I…

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 news

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has posted some amazing artwork from the upcoming Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. From the pictures already posted, this annual promises to be something rather special. More news as it arises! +++ Message Ends +++

Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989 scheduled

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has given September 2020 for the Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1989. Impressive turnaround as the Unofficial Master Album 2074 only just came out! What’s next? Eighth Doctor Album 1996? War Doctor? Division Doctors? I can’t wait! === Message Ends ===

Doctor Who: I Am The Master coming in November

If you enjoyed The Missy Chronicles or just want a set of short stories about the Master in many of his/her incarnations, you’ll want to know about a new book. Available November 2020, I Am The Master (Legends of the Renegade Time Lord) has stories from Peter Anghelides, Mark Wright, Mike Tucker, Beverley Sanford, Matthew…

Time Lord Victorious reveal

A few minutes after my last post, and now it’s full details! And it’s big; really big! See COMING SOON: Time Lord Victorious. Let’s just look at those Doctors (including the Ninth Doctor), Rose, Ood, Daleks, book, comic, audio, escape room.. What a list! Twelve weeks starting September 2020! *** Messsage Ends ***