7 Recommendations for the Big Finish Main Range 101 – 150

So, the back-catalogue sales of the Big Finish Main Range continue with a reduction on releases 101 – 150. The news item (DOCTOR WHO MAIN RANGE OFFERS) has some very good recommendations, and I do agree with Liv Chenka’s Seventh Doctor debit Robophobia, the Sixth Doctor and Jamie trilogy starting at City of Spires, the Klein trilogy (for Klein’s Story and Architects of History) and the Key2Time trilogy, but what else do I recommend? And what a great run of stories we had in that list!

7 main range recommendations

  1. Goodbye Charley / Hello Charley: Charley leaves the Eighth Doctor in The Girl Who Never Was then joins the Sixth Doctor in The Condemned. You could do worse than snap up the Charlie and Sixie stories and also meet DI Menzies
  2. Hex in trouble: the wonderful Angel of Scutari for Hex meeting Florence Nightingale and the start of the Black / White TARDIS thread
  3. Hello friends: the Eighth Doctor with Benny, Fitz, Izzy and Mary Shelley, worth it just for the final story
  4. More complications for Hex: trouble with The Forge in Project: Destiny a full on tale that leads into…
  5. One of the best ever: A Death in the Family marriage, death, trickery, death, romance… it’s spectacular
  6. Hello Flip: Thomas Brewster, Evelyn, DI Menzies and the first Flip story make The Crimes of Thomas Brewster a must buy
  7. Hello new writers: the final release in the list has four stories from four new writers, it’s Recorded Time and other stories. Whatever happened to Matt Fitton?

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