7 Recommendations for the Big Finish Main Range 101 – 150

So, the back-catalogue sales of the Big Finish Main Range continue with a reduction on releases 101 – 150. The news item (DOCTOR WHO MAIN RANGE OFFERS) has some very good recommendations, and I do agree with Liv Chenka’s Seventh Doctor debit Robophobia, the Sixth Doctor and Jamie trilogy starting at City of Spires, the Klein trilogy (for Klein’s Story and Architects of…

Listen to The Company of Friends

Every month, Big Finish reduces a title substantially, and this month it’s the superb 2009 main range title Company of Friends. Reduced to £2.99 (UK price) it’s a bargain and highly recommended. It consists of four Eighth Doctor stories, each with a different companion. Each is interesting, and (in my humble &c &c) one is a must have purchase,…

Mary’s Story free until 26 Feb 2017

Thanks to The Doctor Who Companion there’s a code for a free download of the excellent Mary’s Story. It’s an Eighth Doctor  and Mary Shelley story written by Jonathan Morris. The details are here: EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Get Mary’s Story from Big Finish Completely Free. *** Message Ends ***

Big Finish 15 – 2009

As I guessed yesterday (Big Finish 15 – 2008) gives us the Key2Time trilogy and a chance to get Simon Guerrier’s Graceless. All of these feature the Tracer Twins and the main range trilogy also has the Fifth Doctor.

Turks, Witches and the Dead

So, the Eighth Doctor hits the main range with a new companion (Mary Shelley discussed here and played by Julie Cox pictured from the Big Finish website) and a new theme tune (somewhat controversial on the forums but I like it) and three adventures which I discuss below. In terms of continuity these occur early in…