The Haunting of Villa Diodati review on the DWC

I was guest reviewer for The Doctor Who Companion this week and had plenty to say about The Haunting of Villa Diodati. Warning: my review is very positive: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO – THE HAUNTING OF VILLA DIODATI.

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  1. My take on the canon issue brought up by this story to Big Finish listeners: the Eighth Doctor stories with Mary Shelley did happen when they happened, but the Time War impacted in such a big way on the timelines, including the Doctor’s personal timeline, that some stories then didn’t happen. (In this way, neither story is invalidated.)

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    1. Tony Jones says:

      Scott, thanks for coming by. I’ve seen a version of this where Professor Chronotis does a memory wipe; it’s really up to us!


      1. Long-time reader of your articles, but not sure I’d posted before! Should also say I enjoy your work!

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