Chimes of Midnight – a classic?

Ask any Big Finish fan to name their favourite Doctor Who release and most will mention the Robert Shearman story This Chimes of Midnight. Released in 2002, directed with great panache by Barnaby Edwards and now available on download for a mere £2.99, this is a fantastic Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard story. Is it the very best?…

The Peterloo Massacre cover

The Peterloo Massacre reviewed

Once in a while, Big Finish releases something potent, something absorbing and something attracting the label of future classic. The current Fifth Doctor trilogy has been good (Waters of Amsterdam and Aquitaine), but The Peterloo Massacre by Paul Magrs is magnificent. It’s a pure historical and gives clear roles for both Nyssa and Tegan, and tells…

Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders reviewed

After the disappointments of both Revenge of the Swarm and Mask of Tragedy it’s time to turn my attention to Matt Fitton’s Signs and Wonders. Matt set the ball rolling by resurrecting Hex / Hector in Afterlife – what has he lined up in this return to Liverpool? Warning – spoilers!

Tenth Eleventh and War Doctor

Big Finish 50th Anniversary Sale

Guess what – a sale for the 50th anniversary! This one is simple – 10% off for the whole weekend on any purchase of a Doctor Who connected range. The exceptions are: Not the Destiny of the Doctor Range No pre-orders subscriptions No subscriptions. This still gives plenty of choices – grab some classics, plug some…


Jubilee – a classic reviewed

The fortieth main range release from Big Finish was Rob Shearman’s Sixth Doctor story Jubilee  a tale that famously became the seed for the Ninth Doctor story Dalek. Putting to one side both  the fact that this story was uniquely selected (so far) as the trigger for a TV episode this story is, in it’ own right, a classic. Come now…