About me – Tony Jones

Tony JonesHi, thanks for dropping by!

Welcome to my Doctor Who blog. My name is Tony Jones and I post a few times a week, more when the TV show is airing. I have a lot to say about the Big Finish audio adventures and anything else connected with Doctor Who that takes my fancy. I an Audio Drama Editor for Starburst Magazine.

I also wrote the Big Finish Short Trip title Rulebook, a fifth Doctor story read by Nicola Bryant and the Subscriber Short Trip stories Helmstone (September 2017) and Tuesday (December 2018), read by Stephen Critchlow. I’ve also written a Companion Chronicles story: Tactics of Defeat.

Fingers crossed more to come!

I also produce content for The Doctor Who Companion, CultBox and sometimes SciFi Bulletin.

If you’d like me to review something I’ve missed please let me know with a comment. If you’d like to contact me more professionally please use my freelance writing blog TheCraftofWords.

I picked the title Red Rocket Rising from the original name of the first Eighth Doctor Adventure (and planet therein). That story then became Blood of the Daleks Pt 1 but Red Rocket Rising stuck with me (and that name is explained here!)




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