The Return of the Mondas Cybermen

I wasn’t going to join the throng of people posting about the news of Peter Capaldi’s swan-song encounter with the Mondas Cybermen (Original Mondasian Cybermen return to Doctor Who!) then noticed most commentators were only covering the Capaldi angle. I think there is more to say.

The return of the Ice Warriors

Several places, including The Radio Times, are reporting a new Mark Gatiss Ice Warrior story for Peter Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor. For me his previous Cold War was a mixed bag, David Warner was excellent, taking the Ice Warrior out of its armour was a mistake. I worry when I read the title: Doctor Who series…

Farewell Capaldi!

So, as we suspected, Peter Capaldi will step down as the Doctor at the end of the next series (starting Easter). It’s a clean sweep for Moffat and Capaldi, and quite possibly for Nardole (Matt Lucas). Cue lots of XXX to play the Thirteenth Doctor posts. Will Bill survive as the continuity across Doctors (like Clara,…

The Ghost of Christmas 2016

Doctor Who Legacy has announced a new pack of characters is coming to the in game story on January 23rd. The pack includes Grant, Lucy, Mr Huffle, young Grant and a Ghost Costume. The pack will cost 10 time crystals. *** Message Ends ***

The Return of Doctor Mysterio review

I’ve simmered my thoughts on the 2016 Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio and watched it twice just to make sure. My conclusion? Steven Moffat delivered a holiday treat and it was a wonderful piece of TV. Was it a great addition to canon? No. Did it break the mould of Doctor Who? Again no. Was…