Must listen Doctor Who radio this Christmas

Just a reminder (if you need it), on BBC Radio 2 today (December 21, 2017) Jo Wiley hosts a massive Access All Areas Dr Who Special [sic]. It’s just under two hours of chat with Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, David Bradley and Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who Adventure Calendar 2017

Don’t forget, it’s not just the odd trailer but you can also fill time until Christmas with the BBC’s own Doctor Who Adventure Calendar 2017. So far it’s some wallpaper, quizzes and the new trailer, but there’s plenty of days left! *** Message Ends ***

Who-ology regenerates

The rather splendid Who-ology by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright is regenerating! It was already a very good book, but as it was out for the 50th anniversary, is now more than four years old! [Where does the time go?] We are promised an update covering all the Twelfth Doctor and I wonder if we will get…

Stuart Manning 2-18 calendar

I’m a big fan of Stuart Manning’s art work, and pleased to see a 2018 calendar now available. It’s called the Retro Visions Calendar 2018 and available now to pre-order. — Message Ends —

Doctor Who Infinity announced

Tiny Rebel Games has announced some details of Doctor Who Inifinity, its 2018 follow-up to Doctor Who Legacy. It starts with Dalek Invasion of Time, a George Mann story illustrated by MIke Collins / Chris Carter. I believe it will be a paid for game, and the first of a series. This story features the Twelfth Doctor and Missy.

Doctor Who scripts from the BBC

I may have mentioned it before, but there are some scripts for odd episodes of Doctor Who available from the BBC Writers’ Room. There aren’t many, but do include a few titles including Face the Raven (which was originally to be called Trap Street).

Missy Chronicles cover revealed

There’s been a burst of social media traffic on the reveal of the cover for the recently announced Missy Chronicles. It’s a bit better than my attempt! *** Message Ends ***

A Doctor Who word cloud for series 10

I happen to be part of the BBC Worldwide panel and after each episode of Doctor Who I (like 1000s of others) get canvassed for my views on the show. Recently the BBC sent out an email explaining what they do with some of the information they gather, and this including a word-cloud based on comments…

The Missy Chronicles are coming!

Available on Amazon for pre-order, you can get The Missy Chronicles, released February 2018. All we know is it will be 224 pages, and authors include Cavan Scott, Jaq Rayner, James Goss, Paul Magrs, Richard Dinnick and Peter Anghelides. The picture left isn’t the cover, just a mock-up I did using a picture I found here: TARDIS…

Polly returns at Christmas!

Keen viewers of the new trailer for Twice Upon a Time will have spotted a familiar mop of blonde hair and Polly Wright no less. It’s not Anneke Wills, nor is it Ellie Spicer who played Anneke in An Adventure in Space and Time. Instead it seems to be (not yet confirmed) Virginia McKenna’s granddaughter, Lily Travers. No…

Twice Upon a Christmas

So, we now know the final Twelfth Doctor story will be Twice Upon a Time, a nice nod to the number of Doctors starring in the story. There was plenty of speculation on Sunday afternoon (UK) when the news of Mark Gatiss’s appearance led many fans to speculate he might be playing the Third Doctor, and the idea raised…

Season 10 deleted scenes

While we all wait for the announcement of the Thirteenth Doctor, pine for Peter Capaldi and bemoan how long it is until Christmas, why not take a look at the deleted scenes from Season 10? Thanks to BBC America and Stewart Seyfried they are all up on YouTube: Deleted Scenes from Season 10 of Doctor Who. Enjoy! ***…