What did the Radio Times make of the Twelfth Doctor?

It’s December and time to think Twelfth Doctor. As I’ve done all year, here’s the Radio Times collected Twelfth Doctor reviews and I’ll give my own thoughts. Bottom line is they are far more positive about this era than I am. I think Peter Capaldi himself was superb but I just didn’t get on with a lot of the stories or unnecessary (IMHO) cleverness. Let’s chat…

The Twelfth Doctor era

First let’s check the 5* reviews:

It’s a big list and in most cases I would suggest 4* at best (and 1* would be generous for Kill the Moon in my view). I’m obviously out of sync and I would only (of that list) give Empress of Mars a 5* rating, with Mysterio, World Enough / Doctor Falls probably 5s as well.

Let’s check the other end of the scale (and note my thoughts on Kill the Moon):

I’d probably put Forest as 1* and I’d probably put Girl Who Died in at 2*. Again I’m out of kilter but perhaps not as much.

Thoughts – do you agree with the Radio Times or my views, or do you have your own? Let me know in the comments!

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