Inversion of the Zygons review

Twelfth Doctor Inversion of the ZygonsJust a short piece to add to the vast chorus of approval for the Twelfth Doctor episode Inversion of the Zygons. Short review: excellent. Long review: excellent, re-watch to see why. I thought I’d highlight a couple of points below, but really just a very, very good piece of TV.

Some highlights

The Osgood box was very well conceived from the black and white footage, the two boxes, the choices inside, the final reveal and the notion this has been the sixteenth time this scene has played out (in only two years!). Surrounding the Osgood box is that speech from Peter Capaldi; stand aside previous incarnations, this is somebody who has suffered through war and come out the other side.

Clara’s influence over evil-Clara was enough without dominating the story, the poignant performance of the Zygon who just wanted to be left alone, a world where Kate Stewart has to kill, does so without dwelling on matters and gets back on with her job. It’s curious, though, how much more powerful Jenna Coleman seems when playing evil-Clara!

As to Osgood herself; I was neither here nor there with the character when first introduced, though shocked when Missy killed her (one of…). Now we have an Osgood played with maturity and purpose, impressive stuff from Ingrid Oliver.

Lots of other little moments, as I said at the top it just all forms part of the swell of positivity over this story. Peter Harness for next show-runner? Who knows.

A final point: tomorrow Big Finish releases Unit Extinction, coincidence or careful planning, appetites must surely be whetted!

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