Free titles from Candy Jar books

There’s a Kindle giveaway thanks to Candy Jar Books, with five titles now free! The promotion runs for five days from 16th June 2018, and includes several Lethbridge-Stewart titles! It’s done in line with the Doctor Who on twitch event, and is the last giveaway until Autumn.

Tides of Time 41 now available

I haven’t mentioned Oxford Doctor Who Society for a while, so a here’s a plug for their society magazine Tides of Time. They’ve just (June 2018) released issue #41, and as you can see it’s bang up to date with the new branding, and Jodie Whittaker on the cover. It’s available free as a PDF (as…

Class comes to NetFlix

If you want to remind yourself of just what happened in Class ahead of it arriving on audio, UK viewers (and maybe world-wide) with NetFlix can now stream the whole series. Plenty of time reassess this seres before deciding to give the audios a go! !!! Message Ends !!!