Tactics of Defeat announced

Big Finish has just announced the title of the first story in the second volume of the Second Doctor Companion Chronicles boxset. It’s called Tactics of Defeat and I wrote it! All I can say is it’s directed by Helen Goldwyn, and I look forward to sharing more when I can! It’s out in June 2018, details: THE SECOND DOCTOR…

Professor Howe appears

Almost every week there’s a new Doctor Who charity book announced, and way too many for me to remember/ mention (though happy to publicise anything I’m asked). I do have to give a mention to the new parody Professor Howe and the Toothless Tribe. Christopher Samuel Stone wrote this spoof / homage to the original Hartnell story and…

Classic Doctors, New Monsters volume 2 review

I enjoyed the four stories in Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 2, and put my thoughts in a review for CultBox: Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 2 review. If you don’t already know, the four stories give both the Fourth Doctor and Eighth Doctor against the Vashta Nerada (two separate stories, not one, by John Dorney and Matt…

From the Kenny Smith archive

Over on twitter, archivist, fanzine creator and Vortex editor Kenny Smith has been sharing lots of artwork (much of it Eighth Doctor Divergent Universe arc) from the earlier days of Big Finish. I’ve shamelessly stolen the article from DWM announcing the first Big Finish license. Follow Kenny here: @finishedzine. +++ Message Ends +++

Flashpoint review

It’s Lucie Miller (and read by Sheridan herself) in an electrifying Eighth Doctor Short Trips story, Flashpoint, written by Andrew Smith. You want more? I put some notes together for Cultbox: Doctor Who: Flashpoint review. Now go off and listen to it! ### Message Ends ###

The Movellan Grave review

I reviewed the excellent Andrew Smith story The Movellan Grave over on CultBox (and yes that’s Andrew and the story both being excellent!). It’s a great Fourth Doctor and Romana story featuring, guess who, the Movellans! Read it here: Doctor Who: The Movellan Grave review (Big Finish Audio). /// Message Ends \\\

The Missy Chronicles are coming!

Available on Amazon for pre-order, you can get The Missy Chronicles, released February 2018. All we know is it will be 224 pages, and authors include Cavan Scott, Jaq Rayner, James Goss, Paul Magrs, Richard Dinnick and Peter Anghelides. The picture left isn’t the cover, just a mock-up I did using a picture I found here: TARDIS…