Judge the Thirteenth Doctor by the quality of her enemies

As I was putting together the post What did the Second Doctor ever do for the show?, I realised how applicable the Oscar Wilde quote was to series 11, Jodie Whittaker’s first outing as the Thirteenth Doctor. I paraphrase: judge the Doctor by the quality of her enemies. From this (and it’s a high-level view) it’s obvious Resolution would be a crowd-pleaser.

Series 12: some ideas

It may be filming, but Doctor Who series 12 is a long way from being on our screens and we know nothing about what it might bring. This makes it a field day for speculation! Ahead of any leeks or news, I thought I’d put down some markers as to what I’d like in series…

Nick Briggs talks Resolution Dalek

There’s a nice piece on Doctor Who TV  with Nick Briggs talking all about how he approached the Dalek in the Doctor Who New Years Special, Resolution. It’s well worth investing time in reading: Nick Briggs Exclusive Interview: “I wanted to make this Dalek super-arrogant”. <<< Message Ends >>>

Whotopia Issue 33 is out

Another mention for Whotopia magazine and it’s now up to issue 33. Did I mention it’s free on download? This issue has a range of great articles from the Frank Danes rather blunt assessment of the failings of series 11 to deliver, a piece on the first Hartnell series, Melanie Bush reassessed and even a primer…