Revolution of the Daleks collective review on the DWC

Back in the day (January) a group of Doctor Who Companion writers pooled their thoughts on Revolution of the Daleks. Curiously, I wrote my review before seeing the show, just as an experiment. I wasn’t far off; that tells me something about the show / my power of prediction / prejudging reviews / the meaning…

Revolution of the Daleks review on Cultbox

I reviewed Revolution of the Daleks on Cultbox. I broadly enjoyed it even if it felt more like a big end of series wrap-up than a special seasonal tale. Loose ends tidied up (a bit), colour-by-numbers Dalek story and a reduction in numbers on board the TARDIS (immediately changed by John Bishop!) I may have…

Thoughts ahead of Revolution of the Daleks

I’ve no real expectations ahead of Revolution of the Daleks, partly as I’m growing tired of the show as a whole and inevitably as a consequence of 2020 as a whole (like everyone). We’ve known for ages Graham and Ryan would leave, and the presence of Daleks (even if rather a decent design) covers familiar…

Not very excited for Revolution of the Daleks

If you come here often, you’ll have spotted I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I’ve also not had much to say about Revolution of the Daleks, despite the trailer. I’m also not that moved by fan speculation / returning villains / Daleks. I’ve a strong sense of seen it all before or just not that…

A new look for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor?

Apologies for the trivial nature of this post, but it was bugging me. I like the new poster for Revolution of the Daleks, but something was different. Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor looks different (and in my mind more imposing). I figured it out — hair brushed back behind the ears! New head shape and a…

Jack’s back for the Revolution of the Daleks

So, on Monday we learned Jack Harkness will be back (again) in Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks. I find myself unsurprised and I think it’s rather neat in some ways. I’ll explain why below…

My 2020 Vision of Doctor Who published in TARDIS

Now copies of the reborn TARDIS magazine from the DWAS are popping through people’s doors, I can talk about the article I wrote. Called 2020 Vision: Living in Exciting Times it’s an unashamedly positive look at the health of Doctor Who and looking forward to the show’s continued evolution.

The DWC talks Timeless Children – in depth

The collective talents had so much to say about The Timeless Children it had to be published in several parts. What’s more the site was taken off line for its own regeneration ahead of publication. Suffice it to say opinion is ‘mixed’ and ‘critical’. Even my own snippet in the group review is sarcastic and…

Things She Thought While Falling

Today, as well as Jodie Whittaker’s message we had a (very) short story from Chris Chibnall. He tells us just what the Thirteenth Doctor thought as she fell to Earth after regenerating. It’s on the BBC Doctor Who site: A new very short story by Chris Chibnall. <<+ Message Ends +>>

A message from the Doctor

In case you haven’t seen this yet, do take a look. And stay safe! Incoming transmission… A message from the Doctor *** Message Ends ***

Doctor Who Series 12 – final analysis

With the dust now settled on Doctor Who series 12, I’ve dusted off my spreadsheets and done a little look at how popular it all was according to various metrics. I’m not sure what it all means, but is of some interest. This post is an update of my midway checkpoint.

Is the Chibnall Masterplan a catastrophe for Doctor Who?

Another post on the Chibnall Masterplan where I argue that it’s a catastrophe, then go on to say that might be a good thing! Some of my argument is semantics; in my defence it’s also a chance to look back on the entire history of Doctor Who. Let’s do it!