My 2020 Vision of Doctor Who published in TARDIS

Now copies of the reborn TARDIS magazine from the DWAS are popping through people’s doors, I can talk about the article I wrote. Called 2020 Vision: Living in Exciting Times it’s an unashamedly positive look at the health of Doctor Who and looking forward to the show’s continued evolution.

The DWC talks Timeless Children – in depth

The collective talents had so much to say about The Timeless Children it had to be published in several parts. What’s more the site was taken off line for its own regeneration ahead of publication. Suffice it to say opinion is ‘mixed’ and ‘critical’. Even my own snippet in the group review is sarcastic and…

Things She Thought While Falling

Today, as well as Jodie Whittaker’s message we had a (very) short story from Chris Chibnall. He tells us just what the Thirteenth Doctor thought as she fell to Earth after regenerating. It’s on the BBC Doctor Who site: A new very short story by Chris Chibnall. <<+ Message Ends +>>

Doctor Who Series 12 – final analysis

With the dust now settled on Doctor Who series 12, I’ve dusted off my spreadsheets and done a little look at how popular it all was according to various metrics. I’m not sure what it all means, but is of some interest. This post is an update of my midway checkpoint.

The Chibnall Masterplan and series 13

As I write this today is Friday 13th. I’m not overly superstitious, but I suspect there’s a pun to be made around series 13 and being lucky for the show. Be that as it may, the new world of the Chibnall Masterplan means changes for Doctor Who. It might be nice to take the Jason Bourne…

Series 12 reviewers wanted!

If you’re interested in reviewing Doctor Who series 12, you might like to check out Chromakey Magazine. They’ve put out a request for submissions: WANTED: DOCTOR WHO SERIES 12 EPISODE REVIEWS. In case the site confuses, Chromakey is a PencilTip Publishing title and full submission details are under the menu on the left. +++ Message…

Why does Doctor Who need a masterplan?

With the reveal of the Chibnall Masterplan for Doctor Who in The Timeless Children and in light of the furore over what it means (including several posts of my own), I thought it worth reflecting on if / why the show needs a reset. In a nutshell I believe these things are both inevitable and…

Andrew Ellard’s Doctor Who tweetnotes

I’ve only recently discovered script writer Andrew Ellard and his tweetnotes project, but I have to say I won’t be overlooking it in future. He tweet well thought out and perceptive comments on Doctor Who (and other stuff). He’s worked in The IT Crowd, Detectorists, and Red Dwarf amongst others.

Other views on The Timeless Children

It’s fair to say you can find any opinion you want on The Timeless Children. I think it has lots of problems. Despite some bits working well, a more focussed story (and spreading the Chibnall Masterplan across several episodes) would have worked better for me. Here’s a selection of other opinions.