Thoughts ahead of Revolution of the Daleks

One last outing for the fam

I’ve no real expectations ahead of Revolution of the Daleks, partly as I’m growing tired of the show as a whole and inevitably as a consequence of 2020 as a whole (like everyone). We’ve known for ages Graham and Ryan would leave, and the presence of Daleks (even if rather a decent design) covers familiar ground. I do want to see the 4K HDR though!

I have some other thoughts below.

Jack, prison and partings

I expect the conclusion of this episode to be acknowledgement of the limitations of companions. I’ve felt for a while these three don’t work as a group, and two could easily have left after the previous series. Captain Jack adds a sparkle, but I want him to do more than turn up and be Jack. I want the experienced, decisive, difficult decision maker we saw in Torchwood.

Will we get the death of a companion and a noble sacrifice? Perhaps. I am encouraged by the Radio Times piece promising some decent character moments. Let’s hope it’s not just all comic book Dalek Death Rays and death to dodgy politicians (for a change).

I also want Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor to emerge as a more complete character than we’ve had, bringing on the darker tones of the most recent episodes. It would be good to have some focus, as well as a sensible escape from prison. I imagine she’s happy there for a while as she mulls over everything she’s learned (if it’s all true). It would be amusing were she to be annoyed at the rescue!

Let’s not also forget the TARDIS is lying around somewhere — my guess is Jack arrives in it, confusing the ‘fam’ one more time.

Most of all I’d like it to be coherent, move on from the Chibnall Masterplan revelations shovelled onto fans previously. Will there be surprises? I imagine so. Will fans like it? Well, you know fans!

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