The DWC talks Timeless Children – in depth

If it’s my show, why are you in front?

The collective talents had so much to say about The Timeless Children it had to be published in several parts. What’s more the site was taken off line for its own regeneration ahead of publication. Suffice it to say opinion is ‘mixed’ and ‘critical’. Even my own snippet in the group review is sarcastic and not impressed.

The return of The Timeless Children

Now the dust has settled a bit I admire the daring behind the ideas and despair at some (much… most… ?) of the story telling. I’m optimistic for series 13 and the 60th — let’s hope I’m proved right!

Here then is the collective wisdom:

We’re all disappointed to varying degrees, we all think could do better and we all care. That’s why we say so much. There’s a spectrum of instinctive reaction and I’m towards the more upbeat. I’d say series 12 takes several steps in a good direction but leaves a trail in its wake. Series 13 needs to pick the pace up even more and focus.

We’ll know a little more after the Christmas or New Year!

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