R3 Guide to Torchwood series 1

I’m in the process of (very slowly) going through series 1 of Torchwood on iPlayer. I don’t intend to review every episode but will highlight a few of what (to me) are the more important ones. In this post I’ll either link out to a full review or just put a sentence or two. It’s a work in progress…

Torchwood series 1

First thing to note is the banner from the BB Three site linked above. No Ianto Jones! Not having Suzie is one thing, but no Ianto?! I’ve put a different picture here to compensate.

Scarily this went out in 2006 and don’t the cast all look young!

Meanwhile, here’s the Red Rocket Rising Guide to Torchwood series 1. It will evolve.

Everything ChangesRTD launches Torchwood with a bang and demonstrates how to do science fiction that isn’t Doctor Who. Full review here
Day OneChris Chibnall wrote a story that started well but then I couldn’t face rewatching after about fifteen minutes. I may be prudish but I found it trying too hard not to be Doctor Who and I’ve no interest in rewatching so no review. I also found the opening scene with Gwen, Jack and the army unit rather clunky
Ghost MachineI’d forgotten just how good this story was and said as much in my review here
Small Worlds
CountrycideIn 2006 I found Torchwood hit and miss and this is the episode where I nearly gave up on the show. It’s also an episode I came close to not finishing at the time. It’s just too awful for my tastes. I’d forgotten it was another Chris Chibnall episode until I looked it up
Greeks Bearing Gifts
They Keep Killing Suzie
Random Shoes
Out of Time
Captain Jack Harkness
End of Days

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