The Stoyn trilogy

The Beginning cover (medium)More still from DWM #456! This time the details of a trilogy of Companion Chronicles called the Stoyn Trilogy. Update April 2013 with the cover for The Beginning – no sign of the Hand of Omga but there is a mysterious pyramid, perhaps that’s the original shape?

This trilogy covers how a technician called Quadrigger Stoyn (played by Terry Molloy) is dismantling a Type 40 TARDIS when the Doctor and Susan rush in to escape Gallifrey…

Initial Details

The trilogy will be the November, December and January Companion Chronicles releases. So far revealed are:

  1. The Beginning by Marc Platt introduces the trilogy and gives us the escape from Gallifrey of the First Doctor and Susan. How (if it all) will it work against Lungbarrow?
  2. The Dying Light by Nick Wallace moves on to the Second Doctor with Jamie and Zoe. It ties into The War Games
  3. Luna Romana by Matt Fitton gives us the Fourth Doctor and a tribute to Mary Tamm who sadly passed away before this could be recorded (it has been rewritten).
I’m really excited by these – thoughts?

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