Early Adventures: Age of Endurance review

I reviewed the Early Adventures: The Age of Endurance on Cultbox as part of the September round-up with Ian McArdell. I liked it but as the story introducing Jemma Powell as a recast Barbara alongside Ian, Susan and the First Doctor it was light for me in terms of things for her to do. I am hopeful…

Subscriber Short Trips 2014 reviewed

More attention for the Subscriber Short Trips releases as I take a listen to the four stories provided to main range subscribers in 2014. Covering four different incarnations of the Doctor, the first three are read by Hugh Ross, the fourth by Stephen Critchlow. Running times are from around twenty minutes and up. This is…

Etheria reveiwed on CultBox

I reviewed the Nick Wallace story Etheria as part of the CultBox September round-up: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in September 2015 from Big Finish. I had mixed thoughts about this First Doctor story, and would be happy to discuss! –[ Message Ends ]–  

Ghost Trap review on CultBox

Over on CultBox I reviewed the Nick Wallace Short Trips, Ghost Trap. Louise Jameson was in her usual excellent form with this Fourth Doctor tale of ghosts on a crippled spaceship and there are far worse ways to spend half an hour.

2014 Subscriber Short Trips released

As reported (Big Finish Short Trips Update) much activity in this direction and the four 2014 titles are out. They have been dropped against March, June, September (*2) and December and are available for download. Three have been read by Hugh Ross (pictured – he is Sir Toby Kinsella in Counter Measures).

Worlds of Doctor Who reviewed

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of the Doctor Who licence, Big Finish released the four-disc connected set of stories The Worlds of Doctor Who. In my mind any such collection should achieve at least three things: Each story should work in its own right It should work as a set It should celebrate and not just be very good. How…

Worlds of Doctor Who cover released

Big Finish has released the cover for The World’s of Doctor Who (left). The full story with synopsis is on the Big Finish news page. This also gives more details on the four stories. Initial thought is that the cover is missing a few characters (eg the Counter Measures team and UNIT). Further thoughts below.

Big Finish announces The Worlds of Doctor Who

As mentioned in DWM 470 (pictured) and announced on their website (see THE WORLDS OF DOCTOR WHO ANNOUNCED) Big Finish will be marking 15 years of Doctor Who releases in some style. This will be a multi-series story told over five discs [the assumption is one is a documentary]. Full details on the website – my…

The Dying Light reviewed

The Companion Chronicles continue the Quadrigger Stoyn trilogy with the Second Doctor title The Dying Light. Written by Nick Wallace (who was written for the Bernice Summerfield range) this is narrated by Frazer Hines as Jamie (and the Doctor) with Wendy Padbury as Zoe and Terry Molloy as Stoyn. How well does this story work and how does it add…

The Stoyn trilogy

More still from DWM #456! This time the details of a trilogy of Companion Chronicles called the Stoyn Trilogy. Update April 2013 with the cover for The Beginning – no sign of the Hand of Omga but there is a mysterious pyramid, perhaps that’s the original shape? This trilogy covers how a technician called Quadrigger Stoyn (played…