Timelines: The Seventh Doctor

Seventh Doctor novel adaptions imageIn a lot of ways the Seventh Doctor‘s timeline appears simple (this is until you think about the various twists that tangle it up), though I will no doubt get castigated for ignoring loads of spin-off characters. To set out the sequence I will use the rule of ‘follow the companion’. For the odd story when the Doctor appears without a companion I have to assume that they slot between sequences. This means that (to date [unless I have missed a couple and it is a bit work in progress I’m afraid] – updates October 2012) the main companions are:

  1. Mel
  2. Ace
  3. Ace + Raine (as per the Lost Stories)
  4. Klein (but see the section marked Tangles below – this is a guess)
  5. Raine (as per UNIT: Dominion)
  6. Ace
  7. Ace + Hex (but see the section marked Tangles below)
  8. Ace (briefly)
  9. Ace + Hector Thomas (see More Tangles below)
  10. Ace
  11. Ace + Mel (if it goes here?!)
  12. Ace
  13. Bernice
  14. Ace + Bernice
  15. Bernice
  16. Bernice, Roz and Chris (from a comment)
  17. Chris (e.g. Lungbarrow)
  18. Alone (in The Movie)


Within what I know this is fairly simple; Mel was there when the Seventh Doctor appeared, Ace was there at the end (from the perspective of the TV). Big Finish add in Hex and there we go, voilà! We know that he is alone right at the end thanks to The Movie (reviewed here).

Tangles (updated August 2012)

All very simplistic, but this does miss our whole swathes of complexity in terms of:

  • The Klein Twist
  • The Death Twist
  • The Black TARDIS Twist
  • The White TARDIS Twist.

For me the twists represent different threads in a braid of parallel / divergent history, and they may not all be separate. I do my best to explain now (before I listen to Black and White). As I still haven’t explained this at all well it may help to read this post from AngelPip.

The Klein Twist

In Colditz Klein has the TARDIS. That all unravels as covered in the Klein Trilogy. We also have Klein wandering here, there and everywhen; Klein then appears in UNIT: Dominion and it is all very confusing!

The Death Twist

Who / Which is the Doctor in Death in the Family?

The Black TARDIS Twist

Somewhere after Angel of Scutari the Black TARDIS appears and the Doctor travels fighting Elder Gods with the following help:

  • Alone
  • Sally Morgan
  • Sally + Lysandra Aristedes.

The Black TARDIS is fully explained in Black and White.

The White TARDIS Twist

Losing its shell in Angel of Scutari the TARDIS is white until the events of Black and White.

More Tangles

And of course Big Finish wouldn’t let the Seventh Doctor’s timeline lie and having disposed of Hex in Gods and Monsters he pops up again in Afterlife; or does he? He is now back as a new, more villainous version of himself named Hector Thomas. Stay tuned!

Update October 2014 – you need to listen to Signs and Wonders to find out how that ends!

Update July 2015 – Mel returns

As I noted in After the Glitz… Mel is returning to travel with Ace and the Doctor. Based on no evidence beyond that I imagine this might be post-Hex/Hector so have added Ace + Mel.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris JW says:

    It’d be


    The Lost Stories do flow directly on from the TV series, so we’ve a definite gauge for Ace’s age. When Hex arrives he later describes her as being a big sister; given he’d be in his mid-to-late twenties to be a qualified Staff Nurse, then Ace is probably in her very-late-Twenties to Early Thirties by this time.


    1. HelmStone says:

      Chris – thanks for this, as I am so far behind on BF purchases I have no idea when I will get to completing the CC range. I appreciate the input and your taking the time to comment (and inform)


  2. gso1989 says:

    For completists sake it has to be:

    Ace & Raine
    Ace & Hex
    Ace & Bernice
    Bernice, Roz, & Chris
    Roz & Chris


    1. admin says:

      Thanks.i will update. I am not familiar with some of those as you can tell!


  3. Elden says:

    Klein and Raine (without Ace) have to go later: they are after Ace has left.


    1. Tony says:

      Thanks for the input – I will have another look


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