The Meaning of Big Finish

You probably know 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of Big Finish getting the licence for Doctor Who but you may not know the Divergent Wordsmiths are producing a book to celebrate. What’s more they would like help from anyone with a desire to share their thoughts on what Big Finish means to them.

Introducing The Big Who Listen

If you’re a Big Finish fan, you might like to get involved with a project intending to listen to the whole main range, starting from The Sirens of Time. The project is Big Who Listen, and you can follow on twitter here: @bigwholisten. They’ve just reviewed The Mutant Phase. *** Message Ends ***

What if the Big Finish licence were extended?

So, one possibility not oft discussed, is Big Finish having the scope of their new series Doctor Who licence extended. As the FAQ page says, the licence only covers up until Matt Smith left the show. While the Eleventh Doctor‘s era still had plenty to explore, I believe Jodie Whittaker’s imminent arrival means the Twelfth Doctor‘s era could well…

Don’t forget Big Finishmas 2017!

A reminder to check the Big Finish site tomorrow (and for the following eleven days) as we once again get Big Finishmas, a run of special daily offers. There’s also a giveaway today if you look! Oh, and Merry Christmas! ^^^ Message Ends ^^^