Virtual Big Finish Day announced! #vbfd

Big Finish Day 2020 may be cancelled, but have no fear, instead there’s Virtual Big Finish Day. It’s free, it’s online and it’s coming on August 1st. What more do you need?! Details?! You want details?! OK, details after the break! And there’s news about 2021…

My own Doctor Who CD sale!

Over the past years I’ve built a fair collection of Big Finish (and other) CDs (mostly Doctor Who) and now the time has come to make space on my shelves. I’m starting to sell them on eBay (UK only – first items appear this evening update: now live with UNIT:Dominion) and I have a good…

The Meaning of Big Finish now published

Not content with releasing The Paul Spragg ReCollections, the Divergent Wordsmiths has also released The Meaning of Big Finish. It’s a set of essays on Big Finish covering both Doctor Who and other titles. It’s available as a PDF to download here and completely free, no sign-up required! *** Message Ends ***

The McGannzine Issue One

Back in the depths of early Big Finish Doctor Who main range, one Kenny Smith (he who now produces the Big Finish Vortex magazine) produced a fanzine. It’s 44 pages long, was released May 2001 and covered the whole of the first run of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor for Big Finish. If you ever get…

Big Finish 20th anniversary Flash Sale!

To celebrate 20 years of the Doctor Who licence, Big Finish has announced a special two-day Flash Sale! Head to page 20yearsofwho and use access code SIRENS20 to gain access to these special offers. The discounts expire at 23:59 (UK time) on 22 July 2019, so move fast!

Happy Twentieth Anniversary Big Finish!

So, twenty years of Doctor Who at Big Finish! I’ve only shared the previous ten years or so of those two decades, but just to say it’s given me immense pleasure, tons of entertainment, new friends and some unexpected opportunities. There are far too many people to thank individually, so I’ll just say splendid people…

The Meaning of Big Finish

You probably know 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of Big Finish getting the licence for Doctor Who but you may not know the Divergent Wordsmiths are producing a book to celebrate. What’s more they would like help from anyone with a desire to share their thoughts on what Big Finish means to them.

Introducing The Big Who Listen

If you’re a Big Finish fan, you might like to get involved with a project intending to listen to the whole main range, starting from The Sirens of Time. The project is Big Who Listen, and you can follow on twitter here: @bigwholisten. They’ve just reviewed The Mutant Phase. *** Message Ends ***