Big Finish to produce quarterly warehouse status updates

Last Chance on CD
Last Chance on CD

If you’re always keen to get CDs rather than download only, and want to catch titles before they go out of print and out of stock in the warehouse, Big Finish has your back. There’s going to be updates produced every three months to help you out. Details below:

Box Set Bonanza’s

Every three months, Big Finish will be releasing a list of titles that are going out of print on collector’s edition CD. It’s first come, first served on these classic adventures, so the clock will be ticking for anyone who wants to get their hands on those glittering jewel cases! All these releases can be accessed exclusively from the Big Finish website’s page at

Big Finish Chairman Jason Haigh-Ellery said: “We’re always looking for ways to expand our Big Finish universe, and although we wish we had a TARDIS for a warehouse to keep all our collector’s editions in forever, unfortunately that’s not the case! By selling out our older box sets and CD ranges, we will create space for more new adventures to be added, and we can’t wait for you to hear them.”


Q. How do I know which titles are going out of print?

A. There is a static website page which will list the new notifications each quarter, which can be accessed here: – please sign up to our newsletter for further notifications. 

Q. What about new titles?

A. Everything will remain in print for 12 months on our newest releases, except in those instances where we announce a specific, limited pressing in advance.

Q. Can I still buy a title even though it’s no longer on CD?

A. Yes, the title will still be available as a digital download from

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