Reeltime #116 Anthony Ainley reviewed on Kasterborous

I reviewed one of the new DVDs from Reeltime Pictures over on Kasterborous (now defunct). The DVD in question is an excellent interview with Anthony Ainley and is highly recommended. The review is now below as the Kasterborous site is somewhat defunct.

Mythmakers 116

Mythmakers #116 is a new title (released February 2015) by Reeltime Pictures available through their Time Travel TV site. It is a 60 minute interview with Anthony Ainley recorded during a 2000 interview at an event in Sheffield by the Galaxy 4 shop.

The video has a brief introduction from Nick Briggs, but the feature itself (shot from two cameras) is actually interspersed with commentary from the event organisers – Adrian Hulme, Ben Keywood and Andy Swinden. In the space of just under an hour, Anthony Ainley answers a wide range of questions and gives anecdotes of his time working with many of the Doctors. He also has plenty to say on the topic of John Nathan-Turner, some of it critical but not without acknowledging that Nathan-Turner did cast him frequently as the Master and even later in various pantomimes.

It is always judging an interview by an actor – their key skills is playing a part, after all. That said, Anthony Ainley comes across as very knowledgeable on the show as a whole, on fans and as someone who is pleased to have played a major part in the programme over a number of years.

He also has a certain humility and it does seem he had some initial concerns about being the centre of attention in an event dedicated just to him, but any apprehension soon evaporated. His anecdotes flow and he has a charming, engaging style throughout. The audience obviously enjoyed the opportunity to meet and hear Ainley talking and the abiding sense this production leaves the viewer with is both admiration for the actor and envy for the audience.

This was professionally arranged and successful event and congratulations are due to the crew from Galaxy 4 and toReeltime Pictures for making this available.

Full details of this release and how to purchase it are on the Time Travel TV site and the DVD (High Definition, stereo) is available for £10, with downloads at $7.50 or for a mere $3.75, this can be streamed (various exchange rate charges apply to non-US viewers).

I can think of far worse ways to spend an hour.

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