Unexpected Courtney

Recently I was in Oxford meeting someone for a swift drink. As one does we arranged to meet in the Eagle and Child. It’s a decent pub though (in my view) too much of a tourist trap, though has decent beer and some snugs. If you don’t know, this pub was famously where The Inklings met to chat about their writings (ie Tolkien about Lord of the Rings and CS Lewis about the Narnia stories.) Its literary heritage also extends later to Kingsley Amis and I believe I’ve also read his son Martin drank there, though I may have misremembered. Meanwhile, back at the Doctor Who connection…

Nick Courtney in the Eagle and Child

It seems back in 2000, Nick Courtney surprised a group of Doctor Who fans by joining them in the Eagle and Child. The event was part of the reveal of a plaque, still there (2019) in the snug bar to the right of the front door. On a shelf is a picture of the plaque being unveiled. All very unexpected – I had been in that particular alehouse a few times in the 1980s / 90s, and probably at least once since the plaque, but never knew of its existence!

One for the scrapbook, and something to look out for if you ever go to Oxford.

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  1. Garron Martin says:

    Dear All, This was our Plaque for The Lords of Time, a group of Dr. Who fans spread across country who meet up occasionally. I invited Nick Courtney to the pub to unveil this plaque, as a friend of mine living in Oxford pointed out another one for “The Oxford University Museum Escape Committee” a couple of “Diamonds along” in the wall. So I had this one made. Nick was wonderful and he came back the following year for lunch with us again. The picture over the fireplace , we installed not so long ago, after Nick sadly passed on. He was a very dear friend and wonderful company who is very sadly missed. Our group have a “Plaque”,(framed) in The Fleur De Lys Pub in East Hagbourne, near Didcot, where they filmed “The Android Invasion”. There are also photos from when they filmed, on display outside the loos ! Incidentally, Nick told us that his Grandfather, was a founder of The Oxford University Dramattical Society, and there is supposed to be a statue of him in one of The Oxford colleges, but we have not been able to find this yet.

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    1. Tony Jones says:

      Thanks very much for taking the time to provide these details. Has The Lords of Time a website I could link too?


      1. Garron Martin says:

        Dear Sir, We do not really have a website, we are just a group of fans who met through various Conventions over approx 20 years and we keep in communication. We also have plaques at other hotels where we have stayed, there is one at The Fleur de Lys in East Hagbourne, near Didcot, where they filmed “The Android Invasion”. There are also photos there and pictures painted by a local Artist which can be purchased. Carolyn Edwards, another wonderful Artist is a “Lady of Time” in our group and she has her own website, where many wonderful images can be purchased. An old Friend of mine, Ms. Zelda Bloomsbury, has written a Science- Fantasy Comedy novel called “Cardinal Richload And The Temple of Treacle”, published by Lulu.com, which has a couple of characters based on Nick Courtney, Don Henderson and Elisabeth Sladen, and I am told this is quite funny and would make an excellent film. It is worth taking a punt on.I myself have written a new work on Supersymmetry in physics and I am currently seeking an Agent and a Publisher for this work. It is the result of approx. 20 years research and appears to solve approx. 29 things that are currently being sought in physics by groups around the world. Through application of a new mathematical constant, when applied to a mechanistic framework that is an extension to The Standard Model in physics, produces all the outputs that are currently observed and provides answers to several things that are not currently known, Including: Production of Spin 2 Gravitons, Actuation Mass of Kaluza-Klein Particles, Proof of the Fractional Charges of Quarks, A new definition of Gravity, A New value for Super Gravity, A Finer value for The Fine Structure Constant,Proof of the Hubble Constant new value and the Linearisation of Quantum Entanglement.This mechanism can even Fractionate DNA, which would enable new treatments to be found and applied at the correct rate in the correct time eg Cancers etc. It is all rather exciting. Toodly Pipski and Happy Times And Places !


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