I talk Asylum of the Daleks on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous a group of us pooled thoughts on our favourite episode from Series 7A. I was one of many who picked the surprise appearance of Clara in Asylum of the Daleks. Read our thoughts: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SERIES 7A STORY?. === Message Ends ===

My best bits of Magician’s Apprentice on Kasterborous

My favourite part of The Magician’s Apprentice? I thought you’d never ask! Over on Kasterborous I suggest the show could almost be re-named Missy. Despite any flaws, I think few could argue with the brilliance of the performance. Full details here. -+- Message Ends -+-

I look forward to series 9 on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous, a few of us put heads together and picked the stories we were most looking forward to – I opted for the Maisie Williams stories. Read all about it here: WHAT IS YOUR MOST ANTICIPATED DOCTOR WHO SERIES 9 STORY?.. /// Message Ends \

Terror of the Sontarans reviewed on Kasterborous

I reviewed the really rather good Terror of the Sontarans over on Kasterborous: REVIEWED: TERROR OF THE SONTARANS. Well done to John Dorney and Dan Starkey for an excellent Seventh Doctor and Mel adventure! :-: Message Ends :-:

Coming soon – The Time Lord Letters

Over on Kasterborous, the ever vigilant Christian Cawley has spotted a new book by Justin Richards titled The Time Lord Letters. I’ll leave you to read Christian’s piece in full (COMING SOON: THE TIME LORD LETTERS!) but I will just say this is probably one to look out for, and has could make a great Christmas present for a…

I chat Vampires of Venice on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous I contributed to the article: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS SERIES 5’S MOST UNDERRATED STORY? Unlike the previous article in this run (Planet of the Dead on Kasterborous) we had a very diverse set of opinions. My choice was Vampires of Venice. Let me know what you think, and what your choice would be (there’s…

Counter Measures 4 review on Kasterborous

My review of Counter Measures: Series 4 is now live on Kasterborous. I rather glossed over the ending as you will see if you read: REVIEWED: COUNTER-MEASURES SERIES 4, I may be a bit less discreet when I discuss this here. Until then, enjoy the review! -+- Message Ends -+-

I talk Planet of the Dead on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous a group of us provided opinions on the most underrated specials story. My choice was Planet of the Dead for reasons given in the post. I was intrigued that all but one of us picked this episode; I was more amused to see the comments our choices have made, and have to conclude…

Reblog Kasterborous: The Changing Colours of Evil

Don’t tell them, but my fellow contributors to Kasterborous are very good at what they do (and I hide at the back and soak up their reflected glory). One of many good articles just recently is this one from Bar Nash-Williams: DOCTOR HUE – THE CHANGING COLOURS OF EVIL. It is a brilliantly interesting study of the role…

I talk Midnight on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous I’ve contributed to a feature on the fourth series of nu-Who, the series with the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. The episode I choose was Midnight a Russell T Davies episode I think bears re-watching. The feature is: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS YOUR MOST UNDERRATED SERIES 4 STORY?. [+] End Message [+]

Special 20% discount on some Big Finish main range titles

Following the Kasterborous piece celebrating the main range reaching 200 releases, Big Finish has offer Kasterborous a 20% discount on all the titles mentioned in the article! It runs until June 15th, Full details are: SPECIAL BIG FINISH DISCOUNT FOR KASTERBOROUS READERS! … Message Ends …