News about this blog

Update: 6th May 2013

Blog upgraded to WordPress 3.5.1

Update: 2nd May 2013

20,000 views and rising – thanks very much!

Update: 20th March 2013

Added a ‘send to Kindle’ button which lets readers keep reviews to read later

Update: 19th March 2013

Added a ‘Classic’ category for the most noted Big Finish releases

Update: 1st March 2013

The podcast vote suggested it would be popular – I just need to come up with some content!

Update: 22nd February 2013

The poll on the use of Disqus for comments was inconclusive. I may integrate this anyhow but it isn’t top of the list.

The next poll is about having a podcast. Several other sites do them and it might be interesting to do. I wouldn’t make them very often and would host on SoundCloud. If I do one to try it may well be themed around Big Finish Day 3.

Update: 15th February 2013

The blog may have some downtime this month when I upgrade WordPress to version 3.5.1 – no reason to think it will cause any problems but I do want to make sure all the widgets and bits work the same.

Update: 14th February 2013

Observant visitors may have noticed a poll on the right hand side of the blog. The idea is to integrate a comment system called Disqus which mean any commenter gets their comments globally available on any blog that uses Disqus.

The idea is to allow for more interaction and help promote the site.

Thoughts are welcome!




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