Master! arrives!

Out today the Master is back, and this time it’s the Eric Roberts flavour. The full press release is below, or you could just download your copy and start listening!

Big Finish releases exclusive Masterful scene

Big Finish has just (midnight November 30 / December 1 2020) released an exclusive social media only scene from Masterful. Featuring Mark Gatiss as the Master and Jon Culshaw as Kamelion, this scene takes place on a space yacht, as the evil Time Lord formulates a dastardly plan. There’s also more information in the press…

Celestial Toyroom 511 now out

DWAS members should already have the latest Celestial Toyroom 511 (at least in the UK). The cover tells you the Master is the focus, but there’s actually a lot of articles about being a Doctor Who fan. Rik Moran edited and more details are available on the Doctor Who Appreciation Society site. <<= Message Ends…

Terraqueous to release an unofficial Dr Who omnibus

Terreaqueous has revealed plans to release an omnibus of three recent unofficial annuals. August will see the release of ‘The unofficial Dr Who omnibus’, which has a staggering 461 pages and collects the 1972 annual, 1987 annual, and the Master annual.

Masterful cover reveal!

Big Finish has just released the cover for Masterful. It’s interesting — count the number of Masters! There’s also more detail on the release itself particularly the extras. The press release is below.

Doctor Who: I Am The Master coming in November

If you enjoyed The Missy Chronicles or just want a set of short stories about the Master in many of his/her incarnations, you’ll want to know about a new book. Available November 2020, I Am The Master (Legends of the Renegade Time Lord) has stories from Peter Anghelides, Mark Wright, Mike Tucker, Beverley Sanford, Matthew…

Unofficial Master Annual 2074 released!

Terraqueous Distributors has now released The Unofficial Master Annual 2074. It’s another great mix of stories, features, puzzles and artwork. It’s available in glorious full-colour hardback – The Master Annual. It even has a story I wrote! Full details after the break.

Incoming Transmission from Terraqueous…

Over on FaceBook, Terraqueous Distributors has again confirmed the April 16 release date for the Unofficial Master Annual and added more. It seems a further unofficial annual has already been started – more details on the 16th. Stay tuned! +++ Message Ends +++

Unofficial Master Annual update

Terraqueous Distributors has dropped a large hint as to when we can expect The Unofficial Master Annual to appear (clue: look at the picture!) +++ Message Ends +++

Celestial Toyroom 504 – a Master-ful read!

The latest Celestial Toyroom from the DWAS is popping through letterboxes about now. This issue 504 has the Master on the cover and is very much the focus of the issue, along with a look at the role of the police in classic Doctor Who. Details on the Doctor Who Appreciation Society site: CT504. +++…