Colony in Space – some observations

Since I had a rewatch (after nearly 50 years) of season 7 of Doctor Who for The Doctor Who Companion, I’ve had a few Pertwee stories on my pile of DVDs to watch at some point. I’ve just finished Colony in Space and here are a few thoughts. I would have done a review, but…

The Master Annual announced

They brought us the Unofficial DR WHO Annual 1972. In November 2019 they are bringing us the Unofficial DR WHO Annual 1987. Next (2020?) Terraqueous Distributors bring us The Master Annual! The submissions window is open now! Pitches now, stories by December 2019. Details on their FaceBook page. <<[ Message Ends ]>>

The DWC takes a long look at Season 9

Tyler Harris takes us through his analysis of the Third Doctor‘s third set of stories, Season 9. Tyler also took a look at Season 8, so you might want to read that one first. His latest piece is: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 9 – STICKING THE LANDING.

The DWC covers Season 8

The ink is hardly dry on my Season 7 piece, and already the DWC is covering Season 8. This is where the show reaches its definitive (with apologies to Sarah Jane Smith) lineup: Jo Grant, the Master, UNIT and the Brig. What’s not to like!?

The Eighth Doctor meets the Masters (and Missy)!

Big Finish has announced a multitude of Masters for Ravenous 4. Released October 2019, Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor meets the Eric Roberts Master once more. Nicola Walker (Liv Chenka) will also get to play alongside Derek Jacobi again (they appear in Last Tango in Halifax) as the War Master makes and appearance. Add the Geoffrey…