Animated Anniversary Antics?

There is a suspicion (I have my sources!) that the BBC might be thinking about an animated Doctor Who series. No information as to if that is of the standard of the webcasts, more along the lines of Infinite Quest or maybe the missing episodes recreated for The Invasion. Be that as it may, it does open the doors to some speculation…


With the 50th anniversary approaching, we surely need a way for the surviving actors to take part. We can imagine that some of the characters could just be older, but the Doctors themselves don’t have that luxury without much dubious plot twisting (along the lines of Time Crash produced for Children in Need.  Animation though gives us a way round that problem (as do Big Finish audiobooks). Maybe we will get a story arc to fit in with the modern Doctors; maybe Big Finish could be involved. Maybe animated Big Finish classic stories?

The idea is intoxicating. Fingers crossed something comes of it!

Who Sprites

The splendid artwork used above is by Garrett Gilchrist for his Who Sprites project. Do pop over and admire his work if it is unknown to you. I like it so much I thought I would use a few more bits here and there! Dalek Master Plan anyone?!


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