Andrew Ellard’s Doctor Who tweetnotes

I’ve only recently discovered script writer Andrew Ellard and his tweetnotes project, but I have to say I won’t be overlooking it in future. He tweet well thought out and perceptive comments on Doctor Who (and other stuff). He’s worked in The IT Crowd, Detectorists, and Red Dwarf amongst others.

Finding Andrew Ellard

He’s on twitter (where I grabbed the picture) as @ellardent, has a blog and was interviewed for the BBC Writers’ Room here: BBC Writersroom interviews comedy writer and script editor Andrew Ellard.

More relevant, perhaps, to Doctor Who fans is his tweetnotes collection: Andrew Ellards tweetnotes. If you thought I was a bit blunt describing how The Timeless Children was written, you need to read his more incisive analysis: An audience held captive while exposition is given to them for 45 minutes.

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