How many Time Lords are left after series 12 (spoilers)?

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The Timeless Children, indeed series 12, launched the Chibnall Masterplan in grand if not apocalyptic style. We are shown the burning wasteland of the Capitol on Gallifrey, and told a lot more (spoilers after the break). Is it all true and what actually does it mean for the Time Lords?

Destiny of the Time Lords

If you’re a Time Lord, it’s bad news. Really bad news. If we’re to believe the Master, you’re all dead. With the release of the Death Particle that really means dead (and puts the planet off limits (I assume) to all organic life. Pity as there’s lots of spare TARDISes and the Matrix! I digress.

So. All dead, including Romana (if she made it this far), Susan (likewise), the Rani, the Monk. All gone. Well unless they pop up thanks to time travel, like the Jo Martin Doctor has done. We are even meant to assume the Master too is dead. The Daleks will be happy. Not that they do happy.

Is this really the case? Surely there must be some Time Lords left. Let’s look through the list.

The Doctor – she identifies as a Time Lord, her DNA matches theirs (and now we know why), but is she a Time Lord. Is Time Lord a state of mind or wholly genetic? Do you need to be Gallifreyan? Regardless, if the Doctor is a Tine Lord at least one survives.

The Master – seems to have got his death wish fulfilled. We’ve been here before. I can’t imagine the Master being removed. Maybe the Cyberium saved him, or he had some last minute transmat. Maybe he has gone. My money says he will be back.

Romana / Susan / Rani / Monk – we have 15 years to have any of these appear (yes Susan was in a photo). There was one figure in Sound of Drums who was important. If there were on Gallifrey still, things are looking bleak.

Rassilon – not mentioned in the Tecteun sequences he was exiled from Gallifrey in Hell Bent. It seems he might live, though I understand comics have him turned into a Cybercontroller (not Ashad!)

River Song – technically already dead and is she a Time Lord?

Who else?

I don’t get why the Time Lords aren’t in more places. We’ve had odd stragglers over the years (eg Chronotis) and I can’t imagine some haven’t survived elsewhere. What about the CIA? The Division? Karn?

Really it’s a big reset to wipe large lumps of the Doctor Who vastness from the playing board. In this piece I’ve considered a small number of Time Lords; others can no doubt add many, many more.

Are they all gone? Maybe for now, but give it time, give it time!

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