Does the Chibnall Masterplan explain why the Doctor left Gallifrey?

Time for an adventure or two

We know (unless it gets rewritten) William Hartnell’s First Doctor left Gallifrey by stealing (borrowing) a TARDIS. He went with Susan, a Time Lord who is represented as his granddaughter. We learn in Remembrance of the Daleks how the Doctor also sneaked The Hand of Omega onboard (and never mentioned it until his seventh incarnation (counting from when he left). Does the Chibnall Masterplan help understand any of this? Let’s think…

The First Doctor leaves Gallifrey

So far (and Timeless Children was only a few days ago!) we only have details sketching out the deeper backstory, the Division and Jo Martin’s Doctor (need a better name!). We have no information pertaining to Susan (my favourite is she in this episode? character). Let’s think about what we know and take it forward.

The Doctor (not necessarily under that name as a child / student) is an unremarkable Time Lord. He has so-so telepathic powers, a few friends (who include the future Master and Rani) and isn’t the best student. We assume he gets a role in the Capitol and it’s hoped he will live a quiet life.

We have reason to assume a few people know who he is. They won’t know if the memory wipe is perfect, so he will be observed discretely. He will be steered into safe career choices avoiding any chance of triggering memories of the Division, Tecteun or anything else.

Now imagine an underlying sense of dissatisfaction (buried memories leaving a sense of unease). From Fugitive of the Judoon we can take it the Doctor was an agent then changed her beliefs / loyalties. This ethical stance is something we still see in her character even today. This slight unease would be exacerbated by the realisation someone on Gallifrey is still hoarding superweapons. The Doctor’s instinct is to take the Hand of Omega away and hide it. Perhaps some of the old persona surfaced, stole the Hand then vanished again before the Doctor and Susan reached Earth?

I’m sure there are other theories, but a strength I am seeing in the idea of a new masterplan is it can be used as a lens through which to consider other aspects of the show.

I wonder what else I can explain in this context?!

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