First Doctor Adventures volume 5 review on Cultbox

At first I was very unsure of the recast First Doctor range from Big Finish, but they’ve grown on me a lot. I enjoyed the latest (Volume 05) instalment, though a few things I felt might have been better handled. You can see my thoughts in my Cultbox review: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 05…

Free Christmas short from the Divergent Wordsmiths

Here’s a short (very) freebie for Christmas from The Divergent Wordsmiths, a story for the Peter Cushing version of the First Doctor, aka Dr Who. It’s a charming vignette titled A Christmas Cutaway. It’s buy Iain McLaughlin, and brought a smile to me at least! Merry Christmas! *** Message Ends ***

Double Doctor Who downloads — for free!

This week (w/c 14 Sep 2020) Big Finish is spoiling us with not one but two free downloads. Full details after the break, but let’s just say War Doctor (in a story offered in April) and one of the best of the Lost Stories.

Shakespeare and secrets for the First Doctor

Ahead of (Virtual) Big Finish Day, we’ve been given details of The First Doctor Adventures Volume 05. And there’s more: as part of Virtual Big Finish Day Claudia Grant and Carole Ann Ford are interviewed together in a panel Big Finish are calling The Two Susans! A reminder that events start at 4 pm (UK time) Saturday…

Doctor Who Short Trips: Out of the Deep review

I wrote a short review of John Pritchard’s Out of the Deep for Cultbox. It’s a Doctor Who Short Trips story for the First Doctor read by Peter Purves. I felt the story would work better with more time and a larger cast. See my thoughts here: Doctor Who: Short Trips Out of the Deep…

Imagine a total American remake of Doctor Who

Over on The Doctor Who Companion, Rick Lundeen has given his thoughts on what a total remake of Doctor Who might look like were it to be remade. His thoughts are: THE AMERICAN VERSION OF DOCTOR WHO. I didn’t think Rick went far enough with his ideas as you’ll see in the comments. It’s worth…

First Doctor Adventures volume 04 review on CultBox

My review for The First Doctor Adventures volume 04 is up on CultBox. I’d be interested in other opinions — for me this set didn’t reach the heights it might have done, but it’s all subjective despite best efforts. My thoughts are here: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 04 audio review. ++( Message Ends )++

Free this week – Doctor Who: The Beginning

Easter Monday sees the second Big Finish download freebie and it’s a Companion Chronicle – Marc Platt’s The Beginning. It’s the first of the Quadrigger Stoyne stories, a First Doctor story performed by Carole Ann Ford and Terry Molloy.

When did the Doctor become the Doctor?

In the post Chibnall Masterplan world we can ask lots of questions about Doctor Who and get some new answers. Of course this is a lot of why a masterplan happened. It gets the show re-examined in the light of a set of principles (I hope) rather than the organic way it first developed. One…

Does the Chibnall Masterplan explain why the Doctor left Gallifrey?

We know (unless it gets rewritten) William Hartnell’s First Doctor left Gallifrey by stealing (borrowing) a TARDIS. He went with Susan, a Time Lord who is represented as his granddaughter. We learn in Remembrance of the Daleks how the Doctor also sneaked The Hand of Omega onboard (and never mentioned it until his seventh incarnation…