First Doctor Adventures volume 04 review on CultBox

My review for The First Doctor Adventures volume 04 is up on CultBox. I’d be interested in other opinions — for me this set didn’t reach the heights it might have done, but it’s all subjective despite best efforts. My thoughts are here: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 04 audio review. ++( Message Ends )++

When did the Doctor become the Doctor?

In the post Chibnall Masterplan world we can ask lots of questions about Doctor Who and get some new answers. Of course this is a lot of why a masterplan happened. It gets the show re-examined in the light of a set of principles (I hope) rather than the organic way it first developed. One…

Hartnell’s Doctor in colour!

No, don’t get too excited, it’s not a colourised First Doctor adventure! It’s is William Hartnell as though in a superbly coloured photo. This is by Stuart Manning – he’s been very quiet on the poster front, but this is rather a treat! ::: Message Ends :::