Free this week – Doctor Who: The Beginning

Easter Monday sees the second Big Finish download freebie and it’s a Companion Chronicle – Marc Platt’s The Beginning. It’s the first of the Quadrigger Stoyne stories, a First Doctor story performed by Carole Ann Ford and Terry Molloy.

The Beginning

If you don’t know, this really is set at the beginning (Chibnall masterplan and pre-Hartnell Doctors excepted). The synopsis is:

When the First Doctor and his grand-daughter Susan escape through the cloisters of Gallifrey to an old Type 40 Time Travel capsule, little do they realize the adventures that lie ahead… 

And little do they know, as the TARDIS dematerializes and they leave their home world behind, there is someone else aboard the ship. He is Quadrigger Stoyn, and he is very unhappy… 

And there’s an accompanying sale with 50% off the Doctor Who – Lost Stories: First Doctor box set adventures at the Weekly Deals page, and save even more money with a download bundle of Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor volumes 1-3 (for just £36):

As to The Beginning; in my review I said:

another great adventure that I for one will enjoy again and again.

Looks like now’s one of those times!

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