Thoughts ahead of Kerblam!

When the synopsis for Kerblam! was first revealed, I have to say my first thought was Didn’t Big Finish already do this with The Warehouse? Hopefully it’s a much different story, and my next wonder was will Lee Mack really just be a cameo, or will his part be more notable (as was Frank Skinner’s in Mummy on the Orient Express).

The comedian cameo

Comedian cameos have been a big art of Doctor Who since 2005, and Lee Mack did blag his through the use of his own TARDIS. Maybe it will just be a one-liner, but he is prominent in the credits, perhaps as he appears early.

The writer Pete McTighe

It’s another new writer, this time Pete McTighe and I found this interview from Pete McTighe on the journey from ‘Wentworth’ to ‘Doctor Who’. Worth a read and I’m feeling positive about this and hope it’s got the science fiction feel of Smile or Tsuranga Conundrum with some plot. There’s another Broadchuch alumnus, Julie Hesmondhalgh as Judy Maddox, and I assume she’s the villain. Will she get away with her crimes or finally will a villain get there comeuppance. I also see robots in the trailer. How much will this build on Robots of Death?

We’ll know in a couple of days!

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