Who is Tecteun actor Seylan Baxter?

In the midst of fan ‘debate’ over The Timeless Children, let’s spare a moment for some of the people involved. Actor Seylan Baxter who played Tecteun is clearly very proud to have been involved in Doctor Who and why not? She’s on twitter @seylan_baxter and there’s a nice piece on her career on the HITC site: Doctor Who: Who plays Tecteun? Seylan Baxter’s character re-writes history in BBC sci-fi.

Seylan Baxter on Timeless Children

Seylan tweeted this:


Enough said!

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  1. Reblogged this on Overly Devoted Archivist and commented:
    She did an amazing job! As a character Tecteun fascinates me.

    Though is she also Rassilon? And/or also the “Doctor’s mother” character we saw in The End of Time? These questions are gonna keep me up at night.

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    1. Tony Jones says:

      One of the good points of the episode!

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    2. Tony Jones says:

      Rassilon I think is someone else. I do think he should have been mentioned

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