What do we know about Revolution of the Daleks?

While I let my review for The Timeless Children simmer, I’m turning my attention to the 2020 Christmas / New Year special Revolution of the Daleks. Brownie points for both a Dalek title beginning with R (there’s a list) and the possibility of evolution hidden inside (well we’ve just had an ascension!)

So, you think you want a Revolution (of the Daleks)?

My first music reference for ages! We know this was filmed in Bristol, and the BBC tells us Graham / Yaz / Ryan will all return. I had said elsewhere I don’t think all three would survive series 12. You may not count the special as part of series 12, but I still think we will get changes for series 13.

They all appear here, but there’s plenty of aftermath from Timeless Children to deal with.

The Prisoner

Jodie’s Doctor (and I’ll still call her the Thirteenth until we invent a new naming system) is in prison. I know lots of fans want it to be Shada but why would it be? Whatever the case, she has to escape. Captain Jack anyone? How does she get the TARDIS back? Does she have a whole series of secret adventures before popping back to Sheffield?

Meanwhile, back on Earth

There’s a TARDIS disguised as a house somewhere in England (Sheffield?). What happened to it? Did it auto-return to nowhere or have the companions kept it?


Ravio and Yedlarmi also came to Earth in the same TARDIS. What happens to them between Timeless Children and Revolution of the Daleks?

Add to this some sort of story for the Daleks and there’s already a lot we have to cover, never mind setting more the series 13 arc in motion.

More information as it arises, until then we’ll live on speculation!

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  1. Alan Arnold says:

    Just a comment but Doctor Who has become a bit of a mess now .
    So with the Timelords given the Doctor mire regeneration that was a lie .
    Is the in thing now destroying Galliery and bringing it back then destroying it again .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony Jones says:

      There’s even less consistency than we thought. It makes it hard work being a fan


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Thanks for dropping by, btw


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