What do we know about Revolution of the Daleks?

While I let my review for The Timeless Children simmer, I’m turning my attention to the 2020 Christmas / New Year special Revolution of the Daleks. Brownie points for both a Dalek title beginning with R (there’s a list) and the possibility of evolution hidden inside (well we’ve just had an ascension!)

Blood on Santa’s Claw review

I wasn’t too enthused by the 2019 Sixth Doctor and Peri trilogy; this Christmas collection, Blood on Santa’s Claw and Other Stories I found rather good. Sixie, Peri plus boyfriend, new writers and Nev Fountain. It’s a treat from first to last. Four stories with a Christmas connection – let’s dive in!

The Christmas Invasion review

It’s that curious weekend between Christmas and New Year. We have had no Christmas special for the second year running, but in eight days time we will have had two episodes of series 12! Until then I thought I’d cover one of my favourite of the Christmas specials – The Christmas Invasion.

Jodie Whittaker talks Christmas to the Radio Times

In the UK there’s a tradition of buying the massive double edition Radio Times for all Christmas TV listings. The 2019 issue features a two page interview with Jodie Whittaker in which she talks about filming Doctor Who, Stephen Fry, St Trinians and how she spends Christmas. No big revelations but a decent read as…

A Peri Christmas romance?

Many years ago, Nicola Bryant appeared on Top of The Pops standing next to Gary Davies: here. Now that event has been turned into Doctor Who as Peri meets someone special when she visits a TV programme! Joe Carnaby, a pop star from the 1980s (played by Luke Allen-Gale) meets Peri when his synth band, Arcadia…

Big Finishmas 2018, Day 3

So, Big Finish is once again running the Big Finishmas offers, and today sees two of what were free releases: Trial of the Valeyard and Night of the Stormcrow. So far we’ve had a Christmas Eve freebie of the Fifth Doctor story Cuddlesome, Dorian Gray and now a choice of Sixth Doctor and Fourth Doctor. If you get only one, I’d recommend Trial of…

Christmas Greetings from Red Rocket Rising

First a big thank you to all those who’ve wandered by: friends old and new. Now, there may be no Doctor Who Christmas Special this year, but Big Finish main range subscribers can at least download my story Tuesday as their free Subscriber Short Trips story for December. If you do, I hope you enjoy it and it…