The Christmas Invasion review

It’s that curious weekend between Christmas and New Year. We have had no Christmas special for the second year running, but in eight days time we will have had two episodes of series 12! Until then I thought I’d cover one of my favourite of the Christmas specials – The Christmas Invasion.

The Christmas Invasion

Back in 2005 we were spoiled. I had long since drifted away from the show only to be dragged right back with the 2005 return. I had no idea Eccelston would leave, hadn’t heard much about David Tennant except his work in Casanova (another RTD / Murray Gold show) and was as startled as Rose to have a new Doctor when the show was recently restored to our screens.

Fortunately it’s excellent and is a great platform for the Tenth Doctor. It starts with Rose doubting who this new Doctor is (echoing Troughton’s arrival in Power of the Daleks). Rose and Jackie are centre stage as aliens invade. Prime Minister Harriet Jones is working behind the scenes with an organisation we will later recognise as Torchwood and the Doctor is off-stage recovering from regeneration.

Of course it takes the power of tea to bring the Doctor round and woosh! David Tennant takes it up to 11 (or maybe 10 is more accurate!) and we realise in hindsight how much the role meant to him from the very start. Like Colin Baker before him and Peter Capaldi to come, David is and always has been a fan of the show. His performance is a turbo boost to a show already on a high.

We also have new alien, references to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and lots of Christmas. We’d never had it so good!

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